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tags With high-speed Machine tool Processing centers and the fast improvement of processing technology, the speedy increase cutting speed and cutting power, producing unit of time a substantial boost in the quantity of metal removal, use of cutting fluid in machining is a expanding amount of its flow is often as high as 80 ~ 100L/min. But in fact, higher-speed cutting fluid when cutting difficult to attain the cutting zone, cutting fluid cooling effect is tough to play. For that reason, high-speed cutting technologies to promote the study of dry cutting technologies.

Dry cutting technology to a main innovation of conventional production techniques, new kinds of cleaner manufacturing technologies. Nations are increasingly stringent Environmental protection Regulations, will help speed up the promotion and application of dry cutting technologies numerous super-hard, high temperature Tools Supplies and coating technologies for dry cutting technology to create extremely favorable conditions minimum quantity lubrication program and effective application of a variety of processing normal tool keyhole heart seems to let the potential dry machining aluminum alloys of different refractory components obtained Hole More and a lot more applications. It is an emerging green manufacturing technology. On the implementation of sustainable human improvement method is important, the new century and generate cutting-edge technologies.

In addition, some specific processing applications, such as the field of medical implants for implantation of a spherical hip joint, dirty components or cutting fluid might result in pollution, as a result, cutting fluid in the field of special processing is definitely not permitted to use.

Dry cutting technology is a need in the processing or micro processing technologies using the cutting fluid is a source of environmental pollution control in the clean and green manufacturing approach. As a new kind of green manufacturing technology, not only environmental pollution but also can save the device with the cutting fluid, simplified production technique, can significantly minimize production fees, by means of the formation of the chip when the clean, clean, easy recycling . Dry cutting has grow to be the green manufacturing method of a hot spot, and has been in the actual method has been effectively applied.

Dry cutting, the tool have to have strict functionality specifications: high-speed tool brand renowned Swiss FRAISA exclusive shape and certain skilled tool coating, in particular, dry machining, the tool can meet efficiency specifications, have the following advantages:

challenging and fast with outstanding heat and put on resistance.
Dry cutting is usually larger than the cutting temperature is significantly greater when wet cutting, cutting tool material with high heat hard to bear cutting method can be properly high temperature, excellent put on resistance. Tool for the workpiece material hardness of the material 4 times.

low friction coefficient. Lessen tool and chip, tool and workpiece surface coefficient of friction between, to a specific extent, can replace the function of cutting fluid lubrication, inhibiting cutting temperature rise.

high temperature toughness. Dry cutting cutting cutting force bigger than that of wet and dry cutting conditions, cutting the poor, the tool has a high temperature toughness.

higher thermal chemical stability. Higher temperature in dry cutting, the tool continues to maintain a higher chemical stability, reduce the heat on the catalysis of chemical reactions, therefore extending tool life.

with reasonable structure and geometry of the tool.
Reasonable structure and geometry of the tool, not only can reduce the cutting force, suppression BUE formation, lower cutting temperature, but also the flow of chip breaking and chip control functions. Chip cutter shape guarantees smooth, simple to heat.

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