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Chang’an Town, is the 1st town of export, Financial Crisis in the survival of enterprises, industrial restructuring, the future path of industrial development and other concerns of specific concern. According to Luo Baihui know, in 2009 by the economic crisis, Chang a number of financial indicators of economic decline, but the all round predicament remained stable. The survival of some export enterprises have troubles, a total of 100 enterprises in a financial crisis, which is Changan Town, the largest enterprise failure since the reform and opening up the year. Chang-an town in 2010 will take location transformation of existing enterprises, the policy of some labor-intensive enterprises, by helping them to improve the technologies content material of the transformation. For some Environmental protection Even so, pollution-connected firms, will relocate into a thousand acres of the environmental protection sector park, unified by the government to do for their environmental protection facilities, to keep away from getting shut down. Industrial projects will be phased out Changan town center and the commercial project will be replaced.

Chang’an Town, plans to use 3 to five years, central location of 19 square kilometers of the town within the integrated environmental management and a new upgrade, the central area will no longer approve new industrial projects, the existing industrial projects are also due will no longer be renewed, and steadily turn to move in south of Industrial Park. Junction with the S358 in the province of Guangzhou-Shenzhen highway to the third industrial zone constructed in 80s of last century, which was when the Golden Triangle is the very first landmark of Chang’an, and stimulate industrial improvement of “locomotive.” Chang’an Town, the responsible person mentioned that the clearance in the Location will build a 60 storey commercial developing, developing height from 240 to 260 meters, total construction location of about 120,000 square meters, and also plans to create a huge residential real estate, building region of about 130,000 square meters, with total planned investment from 500 million to 600 million yuan.

Handwriting foreign economic industrial zone close to the mountain, also is another piece of essential industrial Changan improvement base. Li Xudong, director of town preparing of Chang’an stated, this land will also be gradually implemented market moved south, there are already some 300 acres of land re-preparing, which includes 200 acres of the Foreign Economic Industrial Park and 93,000 square meters of the Fuan factory. The region ready to develop into a mixed industrial and residential, and industrial locations in the foreign economy to develop a internet site of over 9000 square meters of fine Hotels Attractive for commercial genuine estate projects. Fuan factory will create industrial and residential region, the particular design of the present progress.

Sports Center was constructed in 1992, covers nearly one hundred acres, the town center due to exposure to the “treasure land.” Demolition will be building in the original table tennis Hardware mold Research and Testing Center, plans to invest practically 400 million yuan, that the town and the Pearl River Delta region to offer complete range of enterprise hardware mold testing solutions.

And business atmosphere of the town center to upgrade synchronization, Changan will invest nearly 1 billion yuan to develop five major focus of the main sports projects. Among them, the Sports Park invested 300 million yuan, the Town Hall and the Youth Palace had invested 250 million yuan and 1.five billion, yet another 80 million yuan investment in new Chang’an Experimental Major College and spent 30 million yuan to transform the landscape of the Lotus Hill.

Chang’an Town, will also focus on developing market metal molds and little accessories. Chang metal mold has a excellent industrial base, in order to attain the planet sophisticated level of metal molds, Chang’an town every year to Europe and other regions attend. In 2009, Chang’an Town, the initial time held in Milan, the world’s highest level of “2009 European Machine Tool Exhibition.” In the context of little accessories, Chang’an Town, Yiwu City, has been with the Cooperation To build a 56 million square meters of modest jewelry trading center, the 1st phase of the project has been completed.

Dongguan City improvement in good shape mold

Dongguan in China’s financial development front, top the financial improvement of China. Dongguan features sector is mold, the mold can not create without Chang’an Town, Hengli Town, such as mold lead. Monetary crisis, Dongguan mold continuous restructuring and upgrading open breach, Mould City development a great scenario.

According to statistics, Chang’an Town, far more than 1,600 foreign-funded enterprises engaged in much more than 400 Machinery Metal mold business production, investment amounted to more than 1 million yuan much more than 1,000 private enterprises which have much more than 600 production and focus on the business Sell , Far more than 34,000 individual organizations in 6200 than in the sector, sales and service, employing nearly 15 million, annual turnover of 12 billion yuan, accounting for Changan Town, practically 30% of total industrial output worth, accounting for Die output practically 10% of industrial clustering hardware and mold has formed in the huge-scale Chang, and progressively the nation and the world in the hardware and mold business reputation. Chang’an Town, has been named “expert mold, Guangdong Province town”, “China Machinery Hardware Mould Town”, “Torch Strategy of Guangdong Province mold characteristic business base”, “Chinese jewelry market base”, “State Torch Program, Dongguan City Changan Mold Sector base. ” Cluster hardware and mold industry has a great reputation, hardware and mold has grow to be a genuine feature of Changan Town, industries and other connected industries to type the more clear economic effects of the cluster.

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