Oil Lubrication for Rolling Bearings


Lubrication is an crucial element for the preserving of bearing items. And when mentioning the lubrication, most of you may think of the oil. Of course, oil is absolutely one particular kind of good lubricant for the bearing items. Now let us see something about the lubrication of bearings, specifically the oil lubrication for the bearing products.

Rolling bearings should be adequately lubricated to prevent direct metal-to-metal speak to between the rolling elements, raceways and cages if you want them to operate reliably. The lubricant also inhibits wear and protects the bearing surfaces against corrosion. The choice of a appropriate lubricant and approach of lubrication for every person bearing application is therefore crucial, as is right maintenance.

A wide selection of greases and oils is available for the lubrication of rolling bearings. The actual selection of a lubricant depends primarily on the operating circumstances, i.e. the temperature range and speeds as properly as the influence of the surroundings. The most favorable operating temperatures will be obtained when the minimum amount of lubricant necessary for reputable bearing lubrication is offered. However, when the lubricant has extra functions, such as sealing or the removal of heat, extra amounts of lubricant might be essential.

The lubricant in a bearing arrangement progressively loses its lubricating properties as a outcome of mechanical perform, aging and the create-up of contamination. It is as a result needed for grease to be replenished or renewed and for oil to be filtered and changed at normal intervals.

Oil is normally utilised for rolling bearing lubrication when high speeds or operating temperatures preclude the use of grease, when frictional or applied heat has to be removed from the bearing position, or when adjacent components (for example, gears) are lubricated with oil.

In order to increase bearing service life, all strategies of bearing lubrication that use clean oil are preferred, i.e. well filtered circulating oil lubrication, oil jet technique and the oil-spot strategy with filtered air and oil. When using the circulating oil and oil-spot strategies, adequately dimensioned ducts have to be supplied so that the oil flowing from the bearing can leave the arrangement.

Oil lubrication plays such critical element in the maintenance of bearing merchandise, hence, the choice of it also becomes rather essential. Selecting oil is primarily based on the viscosity needed to give adequate lubrication for the bearing at the bearing operating temperature. The viscosity of oil is temperature dependent, becoming lower as the temperature rises. And in order for a sufficiently thick oil film to be formed in the make contact with location between rolling components and raceways, the oil should retain a minimum viscosity at the operating temperature.