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tags Abstract: Feng Shui Discover that the real estate size, place, timber, pattern, colour, show that the human understanding of nature, use and transform the nature and conform to natural law. Common industrial alternatives for mobility. Buy a house if the election is their position, if not unique requirements, do not want to buy a house over there.

Folks to purchase the election space, the 1st option of location when the properties for sale, feng shui is Building Science, environmental studies the history of accumulated knowledge. As a result, Feng Shui real estate site selection is really important for us, do not let us since of financial motives, a feng shui environment, lived in poor locations, endless. Feng Shui believes that real estate’s size, place, timber, pattern, color, show that the human understanding of nature, use and modify nature and conform to the laws of nature. We are in somebody else’s home or their personal choice of residential selection, be confident to spend interest to the taboo on the following Feng Shui:

The very first is a large estate built in the subsequent overpass
This place is typically industrial, high targeted traffic, so Feng Shui endlessly. General enterprise option for mobility. Buy a residence if the election is their position, if not special demands, do not want to get a home over there. The basic common sense, we also know that higher-speed passage of automobiles will cause noise and the spiral flow of feng shui have a quite massive function in the destruction and thrust, but will have adverse effects on physical and mental overall health. Reside in such a place prone to neurasthenia, 12 refers to gastric ulcer. This is years of clinical encounter. Second, steer clear of true estate

crossed the road in the next
Ibid have little in typical, such a crossroads for the transport sector such as working far more often could be appropriate at times to melt the ghost, the 4 corners of the floor, mostly rounded to resolve Crossroads washed and liquidity generated by the object great centrifugal force on properties for sale “off” the role. Following some floor Sell Quite very good, so encounter in this regard. But if living in this location, simply lead to stomach or stomach, lung, bronchial disease, stroke is feasible.

Third election in the higher-voltage towers and actual estate Television Tower next to the
Contemporary appliances we compare the recognition of radiation on the human body but usually we overlook due to the fact they do not trigger direct harm also fails to pique the focus of members. Tower of transmission power really sturdy, and some transmit energy can be smaller sized, China Unicom, China Telecom has a lot of power towers, which will result in the electromagnetic waves down the human immune function, causing leukemia, schizophrenia, also result in the significant kinds of cancer. How numerous meters away from the energy tower do better, 300 meters away from the residence in common is greater.

Fourth, actual estate building is ideal not to live in the station next to the
This modern understanding of odor and safety, but following the neglected modern Auto Exhaust pollution is not little. Some might choose a convenience to map from the gas station close to the location, but the oil which includes huge amounts of harmful objects, such as lead, etc., extremely harmful to health another automobile parked subsequent to gas station and commence a extremely massive noise, noise Feng Shui is the malignant influences.

Or among the fifth is the occasion of Glass Actual estate on the opposite wall has been established

This is in: how to read residential Feng Shui and Feng Shui from the property workplace feng shui on Practical Feng Shui swift to clarify the post mentioned numerous times, evil has been talked about is called light. Glass curtain wall will produce evil form of light pollution, reflected power of the human body is quite damaging, decorative glass block can not do now have a lot of floor to get out of the exterior glass curtain wall decoration, a extended time to accept the wellness effect of light pollution will , susceptible to the disease initial nervous breakdown, second, glaucoma, eye pain cataract, chronic conjunctivitis, keratitis.

Sixth event of the master bedroom is not straight with the road outdoors

This instability is not easy to lead to harmonious loved ones relations, third party, the body of the house is also extremely good living.