Of Domestic Packaging Machinery Hardware Business Status And Concentrate Of Improvement

tags At present, China’s packaging machinery products due to assortment of small low level of technologies, goods, and poor reliability motives, faced with fierce international competitors. Particular, it is virtually 5 years, accelerate the improvement of deep processing of agricultural goods and creating a conservation-minded society, create recycling economy and growing technological innovation, produce new technology, the introduction of a climax. Such as the deep processing of agricultural merchandise in China in recent years, the total investment reached much more than 320 billion yuan, processing and packaging gear, much more than 80% imported.
The packaging machinery from abroad in recent years with new attributes, primarily: 1st, the production efficiency. Very automated production lines, huge-scale production scale in order to get the best labor productivity and economic efficiency two high resource utilization, high utilization and development of recycling economy _ two is the product attaches great significance to energy conservation, emphasis on price reduction Fourth High-tech sensible use, increase production efficiency, item level, the grade fifth commercialization, so that packaging machinery goods to information-intensive, technology integration, solution regions such as intelligent.
Therefore, China’s packaging machinery development priorities as follows:
(1) Corrugated board production line, the technique box (boxes), printing full set of equipment (2) atmosphere-friendly packaging machinery (3) pharmaceutical packaging machinery and packaging supplies (four), beer, beverage filling production line (5) Bag Forming , filling and sealing gear (6) aseptic packaging gear (7) bundled package, container gear (eight) canning gear (9) Tobacco processing and packing gear (1O) on-line or off-line testing gear, and so on. .
Packaging of the mechanical and electrical goods, focusing on advertising the “specialist fixed-point, qualification authentication, uniform standards, international requirements, expanding out the isl” of the experimental operate. According to specialization, standardization, market place-oriented specifications, and develop a conservation-oriented society demands, market and materials on behalf of the wood operate, market the use of “LVL” as represented by man-created plates, developed agricultural straw packing sheet, in order to expand the mechanical and electrical items out of 12I, income for farmers, in order to improve China’s ecological environment and develop a recycling economy.