Obtaining the Right PR Firm


How can you find a public relations firm that’s proper for you? Do your homework. Ask close friends or enterprise associates. If there is a specific organization or particular person who is receiving the sort of press you are searching for, make some calls. Find out how they are obtaining that media focus. If you are unable to locate any leads, attempt this: open the phone book to “media relations” or “public relations,” close your eyes, and randomly location your index finger on the page. Now open your eyes. You see where your finger is pointing? That is the company you start your truth-locating with.

Set up a meeting. Listen to their concepts and ideas. Have them show you samples of other campaigns they’ve worked on. Ask for a proposal. Overview costs, length of the contract, and expenditures. Ask what media they have placed in the last few months. If the firm you are interviewing has only placed stories in the local media, you want to evaluation your objectives. Can this firm support you meet them? Nearby media is essential, but why limit yourself? Why not go national? Hold hunting.

Speak to the company’s principals. Are you comfortable with them? Do they share your vision? Be wary of an more than-zealous sales pitch. If you really feel that you are becoming told only what the representative thinks you want to hear, or if he or she is only mouthing your words back to you, you could be in the incorrect location. Ask specific questions relating to how they intend to location you in the media. How do they view you? How would they pitch you? What media outlets would they approach? Ask for a general overview of how their approach operates.

We have placed customers on Oprah, CNN, Time, People, The Wall Street Journal and countless other media outlets, but that is no assure that we will location any client in these venues. I guarantee our work, work, preceding media placements and knowledge, that’s all any public relations firm can comfortably guarantee. Because there are no guarantees, it is important that you see samples of media they have placed for other clients. If the representatives of the firm you are interviewing assure you leading media coverage, tell them you have some swampland you’d be interested in selling them.