Oat milk as a food trend: benefit, harm and why they are all so obsessed

Oat milk as a food trend: benefit, harm and why they are all so obsessed

Oat milk as a food trend: benefit, harm and why they are all so obsessed

A cup of fragrant coffee is a constant part of a cheerful morning for many of us. But the more we are told about healthy nutrition, the more often milk instead of regular milk in our coffee is “right”. Almond, soy, without lactose – all this we already passed. We meet the freshest food trend – oat milk.

According to The New York Times, oat milk is owed by the Swedish company Oatly, which first brought out an unusual drink to the food market. Starting with the supply of alternative milk in coffee shops, very soon they began to offer the product to supermarkets in a format more familiar to consumers – a box of milk. But what is “oatmeal” in general? We will deal now.

How is it produced

Oat milk is produced by soaking oats in water for a certain time. After the required consistency is obtained, a part of the oats is removed from the beverage, and it is slowly mixed until homogeneity is obtained. The output is a drink with a creamy texture that is almost the same as cow’s milk, and a pleasant (or at least not disgusting) neutral taste.

What is different from cow, soybean and other

Bustle recalls that oat milk contains less protein than cow’s milk and soy milk (but more than almond, coconut and rice). However, it has its own special advantages. So, for example, it contains more soluble fiber, beneficial for digestion, and less sugar , which can be useful in diabetes and obesity. This product is also considered completely vegan, hypoallergenic (does not contain nuts and their particles) and produced without the use of GMOs (although we very much hope you know that it’s high time they stop being afraid ).

To whom does

“Oat milk is a good choice for people with allergies, intolerance to lactose and / or nuts, as well as for those who want to limit the amount of saturated fat in their diet,” says dietician Keri Gans, Shape Magazine. – As a rule, the drink is safe even for those who suffer from sensitivity to gluten. Read the labels to make sure it’s made from special gluten-free oats. “

The expert explains that although in nature oats do not contain gluten, it is often processed on the same equipment as gluten-containing grains – and this is enough to cause a reaction in patients with celiac disease or significant sensitivity.

Nutritional value

A little about the nutritional value of oatmeal: one portion contains about 130 calories, 2.5 g of fat (0 g of saturated fat), 2 g of fiber, 4 g of protein, 35% of the recommended daily dose of calcium and 25% of the recommended the daily dose of vitamin D . “Oats also contain B vitamins, thiamine (B1) and folic acid (B9), minerals of magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, zinc and copper,” adds Hans.

By the way, oat milk contains more carbohydrates . But this is normal, because it is due to its carbohydrate component that the drink remains as saturated as cow’s milk.

How else to use

Experts in the field of cooking notice that the sweetish flavor and creamy texture make oat milk the ideal complement to coffee (especially latte and cappuccino), smoothies and smoothies, creamy soups and bakery products. But they explain that in general it can and should be used for cooking food like any other milk.

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