Numerous Kinds Of Spy Cameras For Diverse Needs

tags Sunglasses with hidden spy camera and a 2GB MP3 player plus built-in headphones, sounds unbelievable nonetheless, its correct. Trendy and trendy sunglasses with constructed-in spy camera and earphones are a reality now and not some science fiction stuff. Capture all your photographs in style and ease by signifies of these stealthy spy camera sunglasses with built-in 2GB MP3 player and headphones. With incredible built high quality and straightforward button or remote manage, a long lasting rechargeable Li-ion polymer battery, and polarized lenses for eye protection, these mp3 spy sunglasses make an excellent travel accessory for every single person. Further bolstering these are the incredible image top quality attributable to the 1.three mega pixel video camera and stereo audio recording allowing for crystal clear sound.

If you are an specialist or even an amateur private detective then these spy sunglasses are the excellent addition to your gear. These spy sunglasses are exclusively developed for professional spies, and spies that like to go out on bright days when the majority of other spies would not have the guts to venture out since of threat of getting caught. These glasses come with an integrated DVR 2GB of internal memory collectively with headphones to listen to your preferred tunes. Not only do you get outstanding video high quality nevertheless, the audio quality is superb as properly. And yes they do take photographs.

Now lets take a look at some of the facilities offer in these spy sunglasses. These camera sunglasses come with built in headphones and operates either with on ear controls or by handy pocket remote manage. The primary function camera sunglasses are spying, surveillance or just fun. A handful of added functions include it can be used as MP3 player with constructed in headphones with compatible MP3, WMA, AMR, WAV music formats. The camera is 1.three-megapixel CMOS colour with two GB constructed-in flash memory for storage. Transferring and storage is effortless employing constructed-in USB slot and integrated cable. Camera makes use of JPEG format, higher resolution of 640 x 480 with field view of 60 Degrees. Contains, Li-ion rechargeable 280 mAh battery, very good sufficient for 2.5 hours of continuous use. Works with all operating technique.

This elegantly designed sunglasses sports Polarized anti-scratch lenses that are really snap in style replaceable lenses. Easy button controls for all your music and remote or on sunglasses button manage for controlling camera. The camera package contains spy sunglasses camera, instruction manual, carrying case, USB energy/transfer cable, cleaning cloth, remote control, extra pair of clear glass lens, software CD.

No matter whether you want a handy camera to use it record sporting events like bike riding, snow skiing, tennis, and other events, investigative perform, or just entertaining, you can just capture all those memorable moments and photographs of whatever you happen to be watching with the wireless camera button in your pocket or sunglasses control buttons on the glasses themselves located on the left temple piece of this sunglasses. Purchase your personal spy sunglasses appropriate away, straight from on-line spy shops, and appreciate their low rates and well-known following sales service policy. Get your pair now!