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tags Close to the end of the North Market place developing steel industry decline in a row, whilst the southern market is comparatively stable. According to data monitoring show: As of November 26, the average price tag in the domestic high wire three,558 yuan, 24 yuan higher than last fall, up 29 yuan much more than final week, last month dropped 41 yuan national typical cost is 3577 yuan thread, fell a lot more than eight yuan yesterday, up 41 yuan more than the exact same period than the rise, last month fell 40 yuan. Beijing and Tianjin markets begin from November 21, loosening the industry, rates falling, in addition to steel line will be introduced at the end of the value policy, the most important issue is the decline in steel shipments increased considerably in the finish, collectively with marketplace transactions would usually, in the capital marketplace sources, enhanced tension and stress, the market place costs continue to fall.

Steel production statistics from the point of view, according to the National Bureau of Statistics released the October data showed the domestic production of metallurgical goods, in October a lot more considerable decline in domestic steel production, steel production was 42,929,500 tons, and in September, down 299.13 million tons, lower than the prior six.51%. The Province of view, Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu, Liaoning, Tianjin, five conventional regions to minimize steel production capacity is reached 1.9874 million tons, accounting for the country’s 66.44 percent reduction of steel, of which the largest decline in steel production in Shandong this month to reach 849,500 tons, followed by Jiangsu, a drop of 404,300 tons, the largest steel-producing provinces of Hebei steel output in October compared with September just cut 102,600 tons, it can be seen in late September Hebei Steel Group proposed a high-profile “in the 20% cut to cut ten-20% primarily based on the” response does not appear to be implemented. In less than 200 tons of steel production in the provinces, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Anhui, Yunnan, Fujian, Sichuan and other areas of steel production in September, compared with little change, other components of the principal yield simple to slightly down.

From the range of view, the greatest effect by steel cut assortment concentrated in the plain carbon materials, the frequent carbon steel wire, hot-rolled wide strips of thick, medium and modest steel bar, hot rolled narrow steel and other low-finish steel goods because the third quarter, the greatest decline because the production of many varieties, in October most of the varieties of steel production continued to decline, which wire production has fallen sharply for 4 months, 10 monthly drop in the ring than most varieties , reaching 532,600 tons.

Building steel: October output was five.6743 million tons of wire, chain to reduce 532,600 tons, down eight.58%, a decline of 18.22% more than the preceding year. October steel output was 7.6052 million tons, 154,300 tons significantly less than in September, a decline of 1.99%. From wire and steel production regions statistical point of view, in October in the main creating provinces and Tianjin, wire, wire the 3 northeast provinces and other areas slightly larger yield, Hebei, Henan, Shanxi and Shandong decline trend. October wire production in Northeast 37.7 million, an boost 30.1 thousand tons, an increase of 8.68% Hebei Province, created 1,030,700 tons wire, chain to reduce 83,200 tons, a decline of 7.47% chain wire production in Shandong Province 287300 tons, 173,000 tons significantly less chain, the chain fell to 37.58%. Around the rebar production in October, the decline in Jiangsu Province, is becoming a lot more apparent, followed by Shandong, Hebei and Beijing while production continued to enhance slightly. October steel output of Jiangsu Province, 1.1037 million tons, 114,one hundred tons less chain, the chain fell to 9.37% output of 665,100 tons in Shandong Province, lessen 99,800 tons of chain, chain drop of 13.04% steel production was 1.025 million in Hebei Province tons, the chain improve of 4.two million tons, an increase of four.27% chain steel production chain in Beijing elevated 37.three thousand tons, an boost of 128%.

Consolidated complete year, regardless of the several steel mills since the second half cut the measures taken by the powerful, but in the initial half of steel production have been sturdy, as of October, 2008 domestic steel production by five.9% remained The 1-year growth in October to the domestic supply of steel sources, 448 million tons, much more than the exact same period final year 25,283,300 tons, an improve of five.98%, the sharp decline of demand in the second half of the situations, the backlog of steel forced a lot of sources inventory, according to statistics, as of September, focusing on medium-sized steel mills to 9.2117 million tons of steel stocks, while stocks final year five,781,one hundred tons, an enhance of 59.34% steel stocks.