North River “gold Rush” The Tide Is Competition For Business Opportunities For Hardware And Constructing


five.12 earthquake, the short-term county seat of Beichuan Anchang, flat cropped up a lot more than one hundred building material shops, largely in Zhejiang, as well as Hunan, Guangdong, Fujian and other locations of company. Sha Ting Road to the east in the North just more than 600 meters on the streets, on the densely crowded in much more than 40 hardware and creating components shops. Before the earthquake, only eight.

North River “Gold Rush” The tide is gathering hardware and creating materials stores

Loess town as its name implies, the dust flying sky. The County of Mianyang City beneath the town of Beichuan County, close to the new address.

Evening, Town, head of the “men and women Xiang River” restaurant in a babel of voices. When the female owner of Lin Xi (a pseudonym) seems, carrying a bottle, the air of alcohol and hormones reached a climax. Although hardly the most affordable, but simply because of the lovely forest, is full, there had been special liberated Western Hunan, to the shop every day on supply.

Patrons from all more than the country, a frequent portrait of a stranger, “gold” consumer, here is their “Dragon Inn.” Everybody carries the mind, as not far from building, operation, reconstruction of Beichuan County Silent Operating with.

Businessmen gathered 48 years and the men and women in Chenzhou in Hunan, Hua Chen, flat head, a look of Hengrou, wearing a thick gold necklace, say they whisper: “My daughter is 5 years old, I saw her three times.”

Peng is a brick salesman, when the earthquake happened, he was of Liaoning, is the fan Machinery Co., Ltd. Quanzhou Feng Zepho company manager in the Northeast. Noticed on tv quite a few collapsed houses, Peng know, opportunities come.

Week later, he rushed to the disaster area, the plane is sitting next to Brick Factory Quanzhou Hengxing counterparts. “Practically all run the nation come to do brick, and more than 100.” Peng Chen of China on behalf of firms donated the 1st 3 brick, Beichuan, Wenchuan, Mianzhu each a single, he later sold in these areas became the major battlefield. When in July last year, Peng Chen Hua Song Ya town in Mianzhu sold the first machine, 380,000 yuan. Time of 9 months considering that then, Peng sold a total of 40 sets of brick, even though the full year 2007, Peng Chen of China in the Northeast sold a total of only 30 machines. Peng Chen Hua

vigorous than, Feng Fang looked at the dusty road, but Choude terrible. She is Zhejiang, Zhejiang and Taiwan loess town developing supplies store owner. April 5th day, seeing the sun to go down, she only went for 128 businesses, with none of back rent. Fang Feng

six months ago to do the tire business in Xinjiang soon after the earthquake, Sichuan, she felt to be a greater idea to sell constructing supplies. To rebuild a city, a clear require for quite a few constructing components, not to mention an additional three years tax-free of charge.

Millions of people hold this thought comes, a massive earthquake, the temporary county seat of Beichuan Anchang, flat cropped up far more than one hundred building material shops, largely in Zhejiang, as properly as Hunan, Guangdong and Fujian businessmen. Sha Ting Road to the east in the North just more than 600 meters on the streets, on the densely crowded in more than 40 hardware and creating materials stores. Before the earthquake, only 8.

Thoroughness of steel items from Shandong Zibo is one particular of the largest road Sha Ting supplier. “North River New Urban up requirements 1 million tons of steel, the most conservative estimate, one particular third to go from our company, the arrival of three years.” Manager Liu Wenhua, stated the annual sales Huitong usual, also 100 000 tons, eating this cake Kitagawa, direct sales on the Remittance means double.

Short-term workplace in Beichuan County, China Merchants point hidden behind a pile of messy homes, but did not allow reception staff could have a moment idle Shao. When heard reporters to “building materials company,” he seems to have some worry. “Saturated, and truly saturated!” Zhang mentioned, “prior to coming to a merchant, we sent out provisional capital of the plague up and down, but now is truly to say a couple of words of the work are not, properly received dozens a day, is the most make developing supplies. “

A group of men and women to the North River “Gold” ranks. April 6 at midnight, Lin Xi had drunk eight and in the restaurant drunk, but nonetheless, and numerous men got on. In a KTV private area, a young man rhetoric, later in the loess town, every thing can get him to settle, and the other slightly older man in Chengdu is “righteous spirit”, that he is a officials, relatives, what if the Chinese and the project even though, and he mentioned.