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tags Seals in the aerospace vehicle plays a quite key role, the United States, “Columbia” space shuttle crash is the dilemma caused by seals. Far Industrial Equipment Co., Ltd. Ningbo letter can take the national space research projects the Department, Yuan Yi Lin, common manager of the firm in the field of graphite status.

04 16, Jiangbei District, a enterprise welcomed six countries, professionals from the Division of Space, the purpose of their check out is to create these businesses for final identification of the Seals. After a series of tests, the six aerospace authorities agree that the efficiency of this material has reached aerospace automobiles as a regular seal. This implies that our future aerospace autos required for manufacturing sealing components can be imported from the United States is no longer required.

Graphite, the most frequent is the pencil lead. It consists of carbon, and a wonderful expansion, can expand to 280 to 330 times. “Expanded graphite by way of the different formulations and molecular composition can play a a lot more attributes, such as powerful resistance to corrosion, very excellent hot stability and creep resistance, it can soak in sulfuric acid, nitric acid, the can withstand 300 degree heat and low temperature 200 degrees under zero is a organic sealing supplies. “Yuan Yi Lin mentioned.

Several years ago, graduated from Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics in the Yuan Yi Lin will be in location of graphite cutting-edge analysis in the field, his production of expanded graphite sealing supplies and associated products, not only China’s exports account for 70 of the total exports %, and the product top quality has reached the major domestic.

2008 10 months, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shaanxi coal rank the go-between, the state Department of Space to uncover Yuan Yi Lin, Yuan Yi Lin can hope to conduct further research on the graphite, and finally developed for the sealing material in the spacecraft.

To Yuan Yi Lin was technologies, and space experts know, from the developed application to aerospace car is a big difference amongst seals. However, contrary to experts expected that following six months Yuan Yi Lin will get new seals developed the National Space Division. Might 2009, the new product by the Department of State Space Identification. Right after the very first technologies, the national Department of Space also proposed to design and style a much more stringent sealing specifications, yesterday, soon after rigorous testing at every single level, Yuan Yi Lin once again come up with new goods effectively identified.

Yuan Yi Lin told the author that, in addition to aerospace applications, this expanded graphite was also applied to the nuclear energy plant, lately, he received the 1st orders for nuclear energy plants. The original, with additional research, Yuan Yi Lin’s analysis group also discovered that the graphite has very good radiation resistance.

In reality, the graphite of the “beauty” is becoming opened tiny by small, Yuan Yi Lin, now, this substance are also starting to enter the lives of ordinary individuals. Yuan Yi Lin said, graphite also has superb thermal conductivity, it can rapidly transfer the heat out, men and women are making use of 3G mobile phones, plasma Television China wants to have this kind of material. At present, the popular manufacturer of display items BOE also located Yuan Yi Lin, the two sides will perform with each other Cooperation Improvement of huge-screen Television.