New-zealand- Top 5 Colleges, Education System, Accommodation Charges, Necessary Fund, Specialization

tags New-Zealand is not just well-known for its scenic beauty and ranches but for its education. It is emerging as a wonderful destination to study for different degree and vocational courses. Each and every year thousands of students apply for its degree and vocational courses. The polytechnic courses are very well-known in New-Zealand and a big number of students from abroad opt for these short term or 1 year courses. New-Zealand is an English speaking nation therefore, it is critical for international students whose mother tongue is not English to qualify TOEFL/IELTS for admission and for their visa as effectively.

The education technique in New-Zealand has made a exceptional progress in the last five years. The degree from New-Zealand is recognized globe-wide and it has 1 of the greatest education standards and exceptional employees. New-Zealand has eight government-funded Universities which give under-graduate and postgraduate degrees. Some of them also offer you foundation courses. While the tertiary education technique of New-Zealand is the 25 government funded polytechnics and institutes of technologies. The academic courses in New-Zealand are available at nearly levels in Universities, educational institutes, polytechnics, Colleges and so forth.

Best five colleges in New-Zealand

– University of Auckland
– University of Otago
– Massey University
– Victoria University of Wellington
– Lincoln University

As far as cost of living and accommodation are concerned in New-Zealand, some secondary schools offer boarding facilities to international students while other institutes arrange for property-stays. If you a University or Polytechnic student then you would be offered accommodation on campus. Although some students could opt to reside off campus, they can seek tips from the student assistance services, which aids them to arrange property-stays or give suggestions on searching student flats. Student help solutions are provided by most of the tertiary institutes.

The month-to-month expenditures in New-Zealand for international students would be NZ $ 1000, out of this NZ$ 400 for the accommodation. If you calculate it yearly then the minimum fund you be about NZ$ 10,000 to $ 12,000. This involves accommodation, meals, travel, stationery and recreational facilities. However, the tuition charges of various courses differ from each other. . This is to be noted here that New-Zealand has decrease cost of living than other developed nations.

New-Zealand has number of specialized (academic and polytechnic) courses. Some of them are offered under-

– Accountancy
– Agricultural Business/commerce
– Ancient history
– Arts Administration
– Conservation Research
– Cellular and Molecular Biology
– Tourism./ tourism Management
– Toxicology
– Wool Science
– Volcanology
– Pulp and Paper Technology
– Manufacturing Technologies Management
– Library and Information Research
– Farm Management
– Personal computer Science
– Demography / Population studies