New Year Spring Festival Next Year Will Exceed 6 Million Color Television Sets Marketplace – Liquid Crystal Panel

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2009 Year draws in the previous, appear back on this year, we located that

Tv Items sector has undergone significant alterations???

LCD Television Sell Volume for the 1st time beyond the CRT (cathode ray tube) television, as Chinese shoppers to purchase Tv time in the primary decision.

In this industry trend, we are from the PRC, market place data can be identified in 1-ten months of total retail LCD Tv CRT Tv far more than 1 times, compared with the very same period in 2008, much more than one hundred% improve. Specially in the significant holidays, the LCD Tv marketplace demand elevated considerably in the close to future the National Day Golden Week just past, LCD Tv retail volume is the phenomenon of properly blow-outs. Then, in the upcoming Spring Festival season in 2010 New Year’s Day Tv How would the marketplace functionality?

Tv volume to much more than six million units

2010 New Year’s Day and Spring Festival at 1,two month, the sales cycle has been stretched (this is in similar 2006,2007). Based on this, the authority of the PRC, market place analysis agencies that the 2010 New Year’s Day Chinese New Year colour tv market demand will not concentrate on the release in the course of the New Year, Chinese New Year in the New Year to continue six weeks prior to the time released in phases.

New Year’s Day to the Spring Festival in the pre-season industry, retail sales of color TVs will attain six.178 million units, compared with last year’s season will have a 19% development. One particular New Year’s week 2,737,000 units, 1,329,000 units the week just before the Spring Festival, is the larger volume weeks, this two-week sales will be about the complete season 2 / 3.

In this continuing period of six weeks of the season, the nationwide retail sales of LCD TVs expected to be five.014 million units, accounting for 81.17% general market place. In 20 crucial large and medium cities nationwide to conduct marketplace evaluation, we think that LCD TV’s large cities in essential industry share will reach 94.five%, like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and

Shenzhen And so the market place demand for classic CRT TVs only have 2,000 to three,000 units, buyers in the process of color Television virtually complete backward LCD Tv.

Large-size LCD Television demand Xian Zhang

All size LCD Television segment sales structure to and previous the 32-inch, 42-inch section of two prominent bimodal size structure slightly distinct on each sides of the 42-inch, 40 inch and 46 inch size share of the two specifications will be increase in occupation of component of the 42-inch marketplace share. Meanwhile, 52-inch and 55 inches in volume two dimensions there will be some enhance.

Value range from the sub-view, in between 2,000 yuan to 6,000 yuan in retail sales of LCD TVs accounted for 53.75% share. As the 52-inch and above huge-size retail sales enhance of far more than ten,000 yuan LCD Television retail volume share of far more than 5%.

LCD Tv prices will drop ten%

National Day Golden Week , even though the rates of foreign brands of LCD TVs has dropped, but the value of domestic brands are a lot more steady, so the price tag is fairly stable all round industry does not seem as well much volatility. Simply because right after the National River

LCD panel Rates have reduced the supply, which tends to make the manufacturer’s profit to a particular protection. In addition, domestic and foreign brands

LED (Light-emitting diode) backlit LCD Tv, World wide web Tv and other new merchandise into the marketplace constantly, pressing on the kingpin of the market price tag of the product space. Therefore, in the New Year’s Day to the Spring Festival season LCD Television rates will have some space.

Authority of the PRC, marketplace research agencies during the New Year and Spring Festival Tv market, the average price of the common size was predicted. To benchmarking of the size of view, 32-inch LCD Television to typical two

920 Yuan -2 980 per hour, compared with the current marketplace average price dropped 11% 42-inch LCD TV’s average cost will be between 4850-4950, and at present on the market compared to 15% of the price tag decline.

New Year’s Day to New Year peak season just before the market inside the city not only has powerful explosive, and the village marketplace demand will be released. As a result, from the New Year to six weeks before the Spring Festival season the market place will have a total marketplace typical price tag fluctuations. 40 inch and 42-inch LCD Tv as an example of view, the price tag will be little ripples.