New Power-saving “evening” Items Was Born In Anhui – Caustic Soda Pearl

tags Recently, a new power can not light the “luminous” energy-saving green goods coming out the provincial capital of Hefei. National Hi-Tech Improvement Zone in Hefei in Hefei, Hefei National University Science Park of Info Technology Co., Ltd. Tak Fung show hall, I witnessed the magic of this power-saving environmental protection goods, can not power LED, and novelty, unusual, stunning. The organization responsible Drought to introduce the item by NML and NMZ distinct method technology developed with higher brightness, extended afterglow characteristics of the sophisticated technology utilised to make products with aging, flame retardant, acid, alkali antioxidant properties, to improve the item durability and non-toxic, harmless, no radiation, no light pollution and so on. Hu Zhuren sentence with the Science Park said: “The product can be utilized in low-light landscape, but also can be employed for craft shows, although markers for the zero-power, soft colors, logo clear and extremely beautiful!”
It is reported that the new solution made from the uncommon-earth nano-materials, or the presence of light absorption throughout the day, evening light shine, with excellent clarity and softness. According to reports, the item can be broadly employed in urban infrastructure, landscape building, tourist attractions, residential villas, road site visitors, fire security, creating decoration, lighting and other industries. Lighting made, recognize the solution is extensively employed for garden lighting, visitors signs, warning, numbers and other fields. The general landscaping style, the scattered and placed in parks, gardens, gardening, squares, playgrounds, gardens, schools, hospitals scenic spots, hotels, hotels, restaurants, green belts, toilet, corridor, living area, balcony and other areas, creating a “zero pollution, zero-power “of a great living environment, excellent to blend with nature.
The luminous items debut Anhui attracted industry interest on. Song Chen, general manager excitedly mentioned, “At present the perform of Anhui industry is steadily, and we hope that public locations, house, landscape image can boost the all round quality, and hold up with swiftly altering socio-financial improvement, so that the living atmosphere of urban landscape and a new look! “Another reporter noted, Fuyang, Bengbu, Chaohu, Anqing City, company and other places before negotiations are actively speak to neighborhood agent matters.
The solution from Dongguan City, New Material Technologies Co., Ltd. namin production, the company with the luminescent material, new material in the field of skilled standards and mature technologies, the speedy rise in high-tech business. Primary core merchandise contain garden landscaping, traffic warning sign, fire badges 3 shining, luminous, luminous series 132 models, all solution testing and passed the national and provincial top quality supervision departments and the international SGS testing standards for certification and 46 patent. At the identical time, the solution is in Dongguan City The high-tech energy-saving, environmentally friendly merchandise, its links with the country’s 1st chain of polymer technology and polymer technology group, has anti-aging, anti-UV, option low-lighting, light a extended time, life extended, landscaping, energy conservation, resource and so on. Products brightness 21900mcd /?, Divided into iesange stage: A ,1-3 hours for emission phase B ,3-8 hours for light phase C ,8-13 hours for luminous stage, to adapt to the environment temperature : minimum temperature – 80 , maximum temperature 1800 .