New Fire Protection Regulations And Education Departments Take Duty For Fire Handle


Fire is no longer just Fire Sector troubles, health, Education And tourism must be the competent departments of hospitals, schools, Hotels Characteristics establish the industry normal management method and supervise its implementation. September 25 morning, Dongguan City Public Safety Fire Bureau fire base at the Innovation Development Strategy (2009-2011) draft (the “Strategy”), work report, the provincial fire brigade commander Leisheng Wu, Municipal Secretary, Municipal People’s Congress Liu Zhigeng Officer, Municipal Committee, mayor of LI Yu-wide, provincial fire brigade deputy captain Zhang side, Municipal Committee, Municipal Public Security Bureau Cui, Lu Jing, deputy director of Municipal People’s Congress, Vice Mayor Cheng Hong-Bo and municipal CPPCC Vice-Chairman Lin Mingshu attended the meeting.

Initiatives Well being departments assume regulatory duty

Strategy contain fire Safety Management Fire awareness coaching, team and gear in 4 elements.

“In practice, we discovered that not only is the social unit in the understanding of fire security management was unclear, the responsibility is unknown, chaotic management difficulties, a lot of leadership functions constrained by a lack of fire management expertise, management appears to they do not realize the reality of management issues. “Urban Public Safety Fire Bureau, political commissar of Choi Yong stated the city fire division plans to establish a government vertical management standardization, horizontal supervision departments to standardize the daily management of a standardized unit of management to form a full coverage of the Fire Security Management network.

The so-called government management standardization in the city, town and village levels top pack hanging from points on the basis of supervision, highlighting the perform strategy and guidance, will towns (street) government requirements to total tasks in order to quantitative indicators in the form of writing “letters of duty for fire safety management by objectives”, demands the completion of the task and increase the process of operating files, and then at the end of the year on the job evaluation procedure and the benefits integrated. Overall health, education, tourism and other sectors is essential the standardization of regulatory functions under the charge qualities of the business, the establishment of sector standard management method and supervise the implementation of social units. Standardization of the day-to-day management of the social unit social units are mainly in accordance with market templates, sound systems and records, clearly defining the responsibilities, effective self-management.

Evaluation Program consistent with the actual Dongguan After reading outline

Leisheng Wu, that the program comply with the Guangdong Provincial Government planned the spirit of fire years, but with the Ten-Year Strategy of Guangdong Province created the fire fully consistent with the six systems. “The Plan meet the fire service into line with the requirements of Hong Kong and Macao, Hong Kong Fire Operate from legal liability Fire Gear To the power of neighborhood education and training are in the globe, arranging to market the perform of Hong Kong and Macao, Dongguan fire integration, constant with scientific laws, the provincial government launched the subsequent step for the Corps to create preparing framework supplies a guideline. “Leisheng Wu stated.

Liu Zhigeng that outline clear considering, properly-targeted, focused, and successful measures, the “four modernizations” target refined, precise and in place and feasible.

Liu Zhigeng said the city’s fire prevention in the municipal celebration committee affirmed the outstanding achievements in fire service did not concentrate on only a starting point, only the good not the best, the municipal government will spare no work, as constantly, spend close focus to fire prevention.

LI Yu-chuen, mentioned, “Dongguan fire team does each year and far more achievement, much more solid basis for the function year by year. I also agree with the planning, Dongguan is a require to upgrade their fire energy, if there are big Fire Our gear No man no, even if there is even the best organizing, it does not go out like a fist fight, hoping to give the provincial fire brigade, Dongguan, increasing the size. “

Background Fire situation remains higher, Choi Yong

City Public Safety Fire Bureau, political commissar of the briefing, stated that the present is in accelerating the implementation of Dongguan dual economic and social transformation approach, and comprehensively promote the development of a critical period of reform, the face of financial and social improvement stage of new characteristics, fire work response is still not powerful enough the face of building the “huge fire” pattern of the new predicament, primarily based on public fire security is nonetheless not strong the face of public solutions, public fire security of new expectations, the overall good quality of the fire is still not sufficient to adapt to the fire circumstance is nonetheless severe pressure on the fire security management is nonetheless excellent.

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