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tags With today’s U.S. economic turmoil intensified, and the trend of the global financial slowdown brought about by the pressure, all enterprises, IT businesses are all feeling the “winter” chill breezes brought, of which export-oriented company The outsourcing enterprise is particularly even. Not extended ago, the theme of “continuous improvement and open innovation” Neusoft Solution Forum 2008 held in Dalian, Neusoft Group Co., Ltd. Chairman and CEO of Neusoft Liu Jiren on the monetary crisis to the influence, and how address issues such as worldwide economic slowdown received the “China Electronics News” interview.

Reporter: Neusoft resolution to this forum is “open innovation and continuous improvement”, and software outsourcing is the Neusoft’s major enterprise, the view that the lack of core technology outsourcing sector, you consider how the software program outsourcing business innovation?

Liu Jiren: people’s understanding of outsourcing generally, meaning consumers do not want to do the outsourcing company to do, in truth, look at the scenario from right now, more is the customer himself could not do, or not very good issues to the outsourcing organization to do. In fact, a representative of the which means of outsourcing is to do their job to someone else, and this function is not higher end or low finish of the points is the difference between high-or low-end enterprise capacity in this region. Neusoft

on innovation is concerned, practically each and every business in the construction of its core competence, that they will based on market place environment and their own resources to set up their personal development approaches. Our understanding of the previous is to develop innovative technology, today’s innovative notion is the creation of technology along with other critical and revolutionary element. For instance, companies have to not only be much more cost to innovation, but also the quickest speed innovation, but also to greater meet consumer demand, if all these factors with each other, we have identified no company can have each all innovation factors. So, open innovation has turn out to be vital enterprises Cooperation , Neusoft to the continuous improvement of internal and external open innovation each as to market sustainable development of Neusoft much more higher-speed energy.

Reporter: This year’s U.S. monetary crisis to the large quantity of enterprises will undoubtedly outcome in severe crisis, what do you believe the functionality in terms? What are the implications of the Neusoft?

Liu Jiren: Very first, the U.S. economic turmoil on the international impact of any one business has, particularly, is impacted to the consumer marketplace. The dawning of the financial turmoil, numerous people and numerous organizations in the consumer’s time to modify the original program. For example, that want to acquire two computer systems, is now the get of the. Second, if the Chinese businesses to undertake the outsourcing organization from U.S. and European markets, so will be significantly impacted. Simply because of U.S. economic turmoil is not just true estate, finance, insurance coverage and other services, it has endangered the United States entity engaged in manufacturing enterprises.

Worldwide entrepreneurs and scholars believe that China is the best in the globe marketplace, not only because of China’s financial sector by the U.S. monetary turmoil smaller, the main factor is China has a robust domestic demand and consumption.

Neusoft’s core company involves two aspects, one particular is the business solution, the other is the item engineering solutions. Neusoft’s outsourcing business focuses mainly on embedded computer software, solution engineering solutions. If the U.S. financial crisis impact on Neusoft, I would like Neusoft is a single of the least-impacted. Since when a software into production processes and turn out to be element of the product when the manufacturer will quit production since of reduced demand for or diverted since of the economic turmoil.

Reporter: You when mentioned, “When individuals pessimistic, we will be more crazy.” In 2000, when the World wide web bubble burst, Neusoft in the nation on a big scale “Digital Enclosure.” In today’s situation, Neusoft will continue to “crazy”?

Liu Jiren: “When men and women pessimistic, we will be much more crazy.” Is a “stock god” Buffett’s words. He had two popular, this is 1 of them. The phrase: “Only when they can see clearly in low tide who is swimming naked.