Nestle Launched In Shanghai’s 1st Water Education Project – Nestle, Bottled Water – Water

tags 20 days, Nestle water and Moral Education Department, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, Shanghai Pudong Education Shanghai Pudong Improvement Institute jointly launched into the only experimental school WET project. WET is for teachers and students in major and secondary schools by teachers carried out the general spread of understanding about water sources in international education projects, by generating understanding enjoyable, simple to understand way, so that students have been recognized the valuable water resources and water for human The importance of survival, thereby enhancing the respect and protection of water sources in the national consciousness.

Is a top global nutrition and health businesses, Nestle has been actively promoting the world’s bottled water resources protection, and support the WET project. The introduction of the project to help the Chinese marketplace is Nestle beneficial in this regard yet another attempt. WET project, senior vice president JohnEtgen, Nestle Group, the French headquarters of the Department of WET marketing communications project manager AntoineSalles, WET Project Executive Director DennisNelson and Shanghai Education Commission and Shanghai Pudong Improvement Institute-related education leaders attended the ceremony. Ceremony, JohnEtgen also teachers from 15 main schools of education on the knowledge of water sources was a lively speak and demonstration, in the future, then these teachers educated to impart expertise to their students.

Nestle bottled water organization unit director Jian Long, stated: “Water is the source of life is also a scarce resource. As a pioneer in the international water organization, Nestle fully committed to consumer wellness, it also has been concerned about the water understanding of education. Right now, I am really pleased WET project was officially launched in Shanghai. Nestle water will help increase the students and the public about the value of the human body and the water saving, recycling water and other related expertise. ” Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, a leader

said: “Early in the Shanghai Globe Expo opens WET project is very timely and meaningful. This session of the Expo theme ‘Better City Life’, is the advocate of green World Expo, the green lifestyle. On students, such as water Environmental protection Education, enrich campus life and student concentrate of concern has been the Board of Education. Late last year, Shanghai a handful of student representatives also flew to Copenhagen to attend the World Children’s Climate Forum on Climate Change, a topic of concern given the international voice of young men and women in China is implementing the Environmental protection A concrete manifestation of the spirit. WET materials rich in content material, form and vivid, by teachers and students alike. Thank WET organizations and Nestle’s robust help. “

WET is the initial global “water” for the goal of knowledge, education, non-governmental organization, established in 1984 and headquartered in the United States, now more than 50 countries activities. The project aims to “water” knowledge of education to raise people’s awareness of water resources, water sources and water in human existence worth Atmosphere In the understanding of leadership. In 1994, Nestle Water Group to establish a Cooperation Partnership development and implementation of projects, such as funds to provide the aid.