National Important New Item Program – The Pearl River “? Fort Caesar Series Specialist Higher-end Piano

tags Not too long ago, self-created Pearl River Piano Group, Caesar Pearl River Fort license UH / GH series specialist higher-end piano by the National Ministry of Science and included in the 2008 and 2009 national important new solution program, and this is the 1st musical instrument industry was included in the crucial state new item analysis and improvement projects planned for the piano, but also of the Pearl River Piano Group full recognition of independent innovation.
National essential new solution strategy is to encourage independent development of a new product, promote scientific and technological achievements transformation and industrialization policy guidance class program made to encourage enterprises to turn out to be the major physique of technological innovation, encourage enterprises to create original innovation, integrated innovation and the introduction of digestion and absorption yet another innovation, foster a number of independent intellectual house rights, well-recognized brands and continued innovation of innovative enterprises, increase industrial competitiveness, strengthen national capacity for independent innovation.
Because 2007, Pearl River Piano to “create the world’s best piano, do the world’s most strong musical instrument,” as the strategic objectives of the industrial structure and solution structure optimized and upgraded, and professional institutions and high-finish user customers target groups, focusing on the Pearl River Fort expert high-end piano Caesar R &amp D projects. This series of merchandise created by the International Piano Master Thomas and Mr. Pearl River Piano Group technical team developed and created specifically for piano design and manufacture of higher quality core technology, such as the resonance disk method architecture design and processing, the keyboard hit string machine method design approach, strong wood Plate handling processing, the total assembly procedure research and improvement in places such as design and style, sound top quality and playing overall performance to meet specialist needs. Pearl River Fort Caesar series expert higher-end piano introduction, to achieve the Group’s merchandise upgrading and enhancing the high quality of the Pearl River Piano content material and market competitiveness of our expert grade piano to fill gaps in production. December 2007 series of new products in the Guangdong Province by identifying new products and technology acceptance, the formal transfer of production volume. The product has turn out to be the sixth of China’s Golden Bell Awards, the National Music Education Simple Abilities Competitors for Students with piano specified by Liu Shih-kun, Yin, Huang Chufang other international piano master hugely.
National important new item strategy for new product projects, crucial assistance with independent intellectual house rights, innovation and robust, higher technology content, with Guo Neiwai sophisticated regular of new goods industry of very good prospect, is anticipated to type Guo Nei, an international independent brands, improve international competitiveness of new merchandise the very first time in the improvement or in the outstanding efficiency of related products, in line with national industrial, technology and associated industries policy Pearl River Fort Caesar license UH / GH Series Piano full compliance with these conditions, it was integrated in the National Science and Technology from 2008 to 2009, the national crucial new item plans.
With the support of the Government and the State, 2008 and 2009, Pearl River Piano Group will additional enhance independent innovation, continue to increase enhance the UH / GH family-certain top quality of the piano, to step up R &amp D International Piano Competition in concert with specialist-level piano, moving “generate the world’s ideal piano, the world’s most strong instrument to do business,” the business approach objectives.