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The proliferation of devices, on-line solutions, and applications offers shoppers a lot more access and alternatives than ever prior to. Ovum believes that institutions should be vigilant about keeping up with customer technologies trends in order to meet student and staff requirements. In the extended run, these trends must not lead to, rather than ignite, higher innovation in higher education.

Features and rewards

Delivers insight into customer behaviors and how these are driving the adoption and use of emerging technologies.
Explains the implications of customer technologies trends on the larger education IT infrastructure.
Raises issues institutions must be conscious of as technology blurs the lines among private and academic life.
Highlights tools common amongst buyers and how they can be integrated into the finding out environment.


Consumers are accessing maps on their phones, conducting comparison purchasing, and reading books and magazines all on a handheld device that can connect to the world wide web practically anywhere. Institutions should now think about the use of emerging technologies are likely to influence their personal IT infrastructure.

Given the rise of older, non-classic students entering greater education, institutions will be undertaking themselves a disservice by neglecting the technologies wants of this user base. Institutions should evaluate how and what students are utilizing in order to offer the needed IT assistance.

In an work to develop a cost-effective and versatile IT infrastructure, and motivated in part by the improve in customer preferences for on the web services, institutions are turning to SaaS solutions. As a result, vendor part gains elevated importance as institutions appear to provide a properly-integrated, secure environment.

Your essential questions answered

Achieve insight into the important consumer-centric trends impacting higher educations technologies ecosystem.
Realize what elements influence consumer propensity to adopt technology and in turn, how institutions must give tools and solutions.
Decide what devices, applications, and solutions will acquire traction in the greater education marketplace.

Table of Contents :


Summary 1
Catalyst 1
Ovum view 1
Key messages two
Marketplace Context: the demands of the Digital Customer in Larger Education 8
Shifts in consumer trends are altering the institution-student partnership 8
Institutions require to look beyond Gen Y 13
Institutions need a approach for adapting customer technology preferences for larger education 20
Proficiency with social media is crucial to extended-term student good results 22
Enterprise Concentrate: What ever adjustments might come, institutions must not forgo basic ideal practices 27
IT trades its part as a answer provider to turn out to be a lot more service and help-oriented 27
If it doesnt spend, dont put it in play 28
Bring down the physical walls to break down the mental blocks 29
Technology Concentrate: Manage proliferative innovation with an eye on customer technology trends 32
Customer electronics are altering how information is delivered 32
Network uptime is essential to supporting a technologies-centric campus 35
With the great comes the bad: higher security risks abound 36
Institutions are embracing tools shoppers are currently making use of 40
Suggestions 45
Suggestions for institutions 45
Recommendations for vendors 46
Further reading 48
Citations 49
Methodology 49
Author 49
Ovum Consulting 50
Disclaimer 50
Figure 1: Spending on electronics by college year, 2009 and 2010 ten
Figure two: Price war amongst e-readers forces customer fees down 12
Figure three: Apple iPhone and iPad user profiles 14
Figure four: US unemployment price from January 2007 to September 2010 16
Figure 5: Age of Facebook users (2009 – 2010) 18
Figure 6: Importance of owning gadgets of personal technology items that are up-to-date in the US (July 2010) 19
Figure 7: Data breaches at US greater education institutions in September 2010 38TABLE OF TABLES
Table 1: Generational differences in on the internet activity 17

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