My Electrical Plug is Upside Down – How Do I Repair It?


Me and my wife purchased a house in a handful of years ago that had very a bit of the electrical outlet plugs installed upside down. As an knowledgeable contractor and home inspector, I asked the homeowner, what he did for a living and he mentioned that he was an electrician at a nuclear energy plant.

This relieved me a small bit, as I continued to inspect the residence for other difficulties with the electrical method. I wasn’t as well concerned, due to the fact I was going to replace the complete home electrical method anyway, but I nonetheless wanted to know, why had been these electrical outlets installed upside down.

I asked the realtor the other day and she said that she would speak to him, as a courtesy for me. I thanked her and am still waiting for her reply. I recognize that I may well not ever know, why a person installs electrical outlets upside down.

If there are any knowledgeable electricians for property owners who favor to have their electrical outlets installed upside down, I would love to know what the reason is for performing this. It does not appear to make that a lot sense to me.

If I was going to set up an extension cord, I have to alter, what I am at present utilised to and reverse my installation procedure for installing electrical outlet cords.

If you’re electrical outlets are installed upside down, they are easy to fix. Make sure that the electrical energy is turned off, very first, then. Basically unscrew the cover and get rid of the two screws that are situated at the bottom and prime of the electrical outlet.

Then you can basically rotate the electrical outlet plug and reinstall it in the appropriate position. Basic, but make positive that the electrical energy is turned off and be cautious rotating the electrical outlet around. Attempt not to twist the wires and make certain that they do not unattach from the electrical outlet or any of the wired nuts inside of the electrical box.

Always be cautious when functioning around electrical energy.