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tags Huge screen display system is a getting and processing a range of information show, multi-class personnel to operate the control in 1 of the multimedia interactive system involving sound and light aspects Technologies Problem also involves coordination of relevant departments of management, but also closely associated to the general structure of the display hall, in the course of the time of obtain must be demand-driven equipment, the principal consideration and the use of extensive integrated technologies to make the preferred effect.

Typically multimedia conference space, video display program is to meet wants throughout the meeting of interspersed pictures, information or text, and so on. displayed visually to the participants to take care of the audience, the gear utilized mostly Projector , Tiled display wall, in addition to the screen and controllers involved in other goods, the user gear throughout the time of purchase of equipment to do various on the different analysis.

Projector Many indicators projector, can display functionality, reliability and maintainability compared 3 choices. Display properties contain brightness, resolution and contrast. The brightness of the projector up from the hundreds of thousands of ANSI lumens. Just before in fact watch the screen brightness and projection distance, the screen brightness and the environment are related to, this comprehensive selection according to the predicament in the large screen display system, in conjunction with the size of the space and the use of the environment to select the lumens brightness level of the suitable product.

Reliability typically MTTF (mean time amongst failures) that, of course, the longer the far better. However, virtually all of the items are weak, the weakest hyperlink in the projector is to provide Light source Light, since in the critical process of central management or the application approach, even a quick screen can not show, is not acceptable. In accordance with the barrel theory, lamp life is the influence of crucial variables projector MTTF, generally thousands of hours of class. Maintainability generally MTTR (fault repair time) that in order to minimize troubleshooting time, high-finish projector lamp unit with separate components or dual-lamp backup, replacement without moving the projector, do not require geometric correction in order to improve the replacement of speed.

In addition, multimedia conference space, according to the different installation approaches, there are projectors and rear projection of a positive vote in points, each is crucial in the buy, the purchase need to pay particular consideration.

Light is cast by way of the show hall, the info projected onto the screen. Orthographic projection of light via a range of techniques to increase access to bigger orthographic projection format, suitable for single-screen single screen size although the bigger occasion demands, thereby decreasing the gear, reduced expenses, but, orthographic projection of objects on the show hall, a higher degree of is restricted, and light intensity projection distance with the extension of decay, decrease the brightness of the screen, employed two projectors superimposed or lower the brightness of room lighting, to enhance Projection show The relative brightness.

Projection normally utilized for quick range environment, to increase the projection display of the format, can be used wide-angle Shot Or projector stitching program. The performance of the lens and the screen is generally wide variety of the ratio that its selection from .88:1 to 7:1, only a quick range wide-angle lens can be for a bigger show format. Nevertheless, with the use of numerous projectors splicing compared, in order to obtain the exact same brightness, requires wide-angle lens of the projector light supply power is bigger, but the larger the screen the far more clear effects of the sun. For that reason, the bigger screen for single frame photos, have a tendency to use mosaic structure. Splicing projector fixed to the rack behind the scenes special, controller, source machine, the information received and the format conversion device, positioned at each ends or the very first floor behind the projector’s frame, the order does not affect the standard conditions for projection display conduct upkeep operations.