Most oncologists do not know about the need for special nutrition

Most oncologists do not know about the need for special nutrition

The fight against cancer is a difficult test for both the child and the adult patient. People have to go through severe treatment, unpleasant side effects, a change in the usual social circle. A break with the outside world is one of the hardest trials for a person who has come across a disease. Suddenly, his universe narrows to the circle of the closest people, because everyone else simply does not understand how to communicate with the seriously ill, and their eyes full of pity, do not give strength.

Psychological support for cancer patients, as well as support for their nutritional status, unfortunately is not given as much attention as needed. Many patients who have undergone complicated operations or several courses of chemotherapy are simply unable to use their usual food – and protein and other compounds are extremely necessary for them.

In cancer patients, the body’s need for protein increases significantly and can reach 2-3 g per kilogram of body weight. This means that a person weighing about 60 kg needs to eat daily more than a dozen eggs. It is quite clear that it is difficult to eat so many patients suffering from cancer.

“The overwhelming majority of patients are unable to eat so much, as a result – the weakness of the body, against which the effectiveness of treatment is greatly reduced, and sometimes even operations are canceled, patients are more difficult to tolerate treatment and recovery,” explains the head of the scientific department of innovative methods of therapeutic oncology and rehabilitation of the National Medical Center of Oncology. N.N. Petrova, doctor of medical sciences, professor of the Department of Oncology, SZGMU. I.I. Mechnikova Tatyana Yurievna Semiglazova.

Doctors do not talk enough about the importance of nutritional support, but developments in this area are being actively pursued. Already, patients have access to specialized nutrition, in a small portion of which contains a huge amount of necessary substances for the patient – one small bottle replaces a full meal.

Irina Borovova, president of the Association of Oncological Patients “Hello!”, Said that the organization interviewed almost 400 people who faced cancer. It turned out that regardless of the diagnosis, 92% of patients experienced digestive problems, 70% lost weight. Only 12% of attending physicians told about the existence of a specialized diet, and more than half of specialists did not focus on the importance of nutritional status for the patient.

In order to draw the attention of the public to the importance of special nutrition for cancer patients and to tell people about the existence of such food, the Association of Oncological Patients “Hello!” Together with Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition launched the educational project “Forces is”, whose face was Daria Dontsova, 20 years ago, breast cancer. Within the framework of the project, a book has already been published in which patients who have overcome cancer told about their history of struggle and victory over the disease. You can download the book for free on the project website.

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