Most Fantastic Scientific Discoveries 2010


In 2010, the world’s science has made great achievements such as obtaining out the moon’s shrinking movement, witnessing a newborn child black hole and inventing the amazing anti-HIV gel. Let’s take a look at some most wonderful scientific discoveries worldwide this year and their benefits to our life.

Researchers at Ohio State University mentioned exposure to considerably light at night may possibly lead to obesity. They carried out an experiment on mice and saw that the mice exposing dim lights at night more than eight weeks boost their body-size about 50 % far more than other ones that lived in a standard light-dark cycle.


Persistent exposure to light at night might lead to obesity

Scientists from Center for the AIDS Program of Research in South Africa have effectively researched a vaginal gel that includes the successful anti-HIV tenofovir and can decrease the threat of infection by 39 percent if females use it before or inside 12 hours soon after sexual intercourse.

The vaginal gel could significantly support girls avoid HIV from an infected companion

Astronomers have caught the sight of an uncommon galaxy with NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope.

The galaxy features an unusual ratio of radio to infrared light

Two proton beams collided at a record-high power level in an experiment that targeted to realize the universe’s origins.

The two microscopic particle beams began to accelerate inside a 27-km tunnel close to Geneva

Scientists believe that they have been capable to observe the birth of a black hole.

The mysterious object that is eating interstellar gas and emitting X-rays in telltale pattern is believed to be a young black hole

A group of scientists at St Andrews University in Scotland have recently developed the Metaflex material, which could be employed to make fabrics with visible light to shield objects from view.

Squares of color are noticed on a tiny piece of Metaflex material

Pictures from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter have supplied evidence that the moon is shrinking.

Astronomers also revealed they had identified preceding undetected landforms that could prove shrinking movement of the Moon




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