Modest Business Survival in the Digital Age


Developing up, the hub of buying and social activity was the downtown section of the modest city close to exactly where I live. This location suffered a key setback when the 1st mall was built, forcing many to either relocate to this new regional shopping location, or close their doors entirely. Whilst we did see some rebounding, tough economic times have again befallen several major streets in tiny town America.

As national chains and an unstable economy threaten the livelihood of these smaller, independent establishments, how can they compete? The answer is social media – the digital equivalent of word-of-mouth advertising, and the really way a lot of of these businesses have been built to begin with.

So significantly coverage is provided to large nationwide and worldwide organizations and the inventive techniques they are making use of social media, that many small firms never think it is something for them. In my opinion, social media advertising and marketing is a tailor made resolution for the sole proprietor and little to mid-sized company. The extremely viral nature of it can literally bring virtual foot targeted traffic to their doors. Let’s look at some examples of how social media can enhance brand awareness and your customer base.

A small inn on the coast of Maine sets up a weblog wherein they offer exciting content about the ocean, its creatures, how to eat a lobster, recipes, wholesome loved ones activities to be identified nearby and breathtaking photographs of Acadia National Park. They then set up a twitter account and search for men and women who mention Maine, New England, lobster, hiking, summer time getaway, and so on., and they begin interacting with these individuals and listening to what it is they want. The innkeeper, from a place of sincerity, then offers potentially helpful solutions and resources. Abruptly, Maine is a definite for the household trip spot this year, and what better location to keep then at the inn run by a newly found pal. The happy vacationers tweet and weblog about the wonderful spot they just stayed, its owners and the location, and almost instantaneously this referral hits the desktops, laptops and mobile devices of millions of men and women worldwide.

I had yet another experience last weekend whilst perusing the artisan tents at a neighborhood festival. I started asking the vendors some common questions such as: How are you? Has this been a good show for you? How has your year been? The most widespread response among them was they had to travel to a lot much more shows to sustain themselves in this economy. A distinct vendor, one who makes exquisite hand blown glass pendants, told me that time not spent crafting was spent traveling. When I asked about a site, he replied “hope to have 1 by the end of the year”, which fundamentally meant to me that if I wanted to show somebody else his work, or buy something myself, I was going to have to uncover him at one more show. I asked him if he had thought about setting up a business weblog and promoting it by means of the numerous social media networks. His understanding was vague, his interest high, and as soon as once more, time a genuine situation.

Folks like the innkeeper and the glass artist represent the heart and soul of the entrepreneurial spirit to me. They are the extremely cause I started Inventive Possibilities Media, and the demographic I feel can benefit the most from my services. I am 1 of them, and no matter where I go, my heart will usually be with little town America.

If you can see your self in either of the examples above, I would really like to hear from you. Let’s talk about your vision and targets for your organization and loved ones, and customize a social media method that will support you meet them.