Modern Technologies Is the Result in of 2012?


In 2004, a popular science-fiction disaster film, The Day After Tomorrow, evoke our sense of environment protection. Final year, yet another science-fiction disaster film, 2012, enhance our concern on this subject.

With the improvement of contemporary technologies, our life has magnificent modifications day by day. Even so, behind all there positive aspects, there are also lots of disadvantages and harmful. Technology threatens and inflicts harm upon our good quality of life.

Scientific achievement of this century is creating a wide-spread plague that would quickly destroy the complete world. Let’s take, for instance, our air. Due to huge air pollution, what we breathe is not comparatively safe as it used to be. The fumes from the exhaust pipes of automobiles, trucks and factories blow waste supplies into the atmosphere.

After a period of time, atmospheric modify happens. The fumes, which had been collected in atmosphere, are slowly eating away at the ozone layer. This layer of the atmosphere is what shields us from solar ultra-violent rays. After this layer is gone, our organic protection against the sun would be gone, and if we were hit by 1 ray of the sun, we’d burst into flames and fired into a cinder.

An additional plague of technologies would be nuclear power. Because the storage of non-renewable energy resource, coal, fossil oil, for instance, reduces day by day, and will be dried up in subsequent 50 years, our scientists have to find other new energy source. Then, the nuclear energy is introduced considering that last century.

Though nuclear power is largely utilized in many fields, such as nuclear power station, nuclear auto, and so on. it is the most dangerous power in the planet. The energy that can energize complete cities with electricity could also be the power to destroy. Following 1945, the investigation on nuclear power has improved considerably.

Contrary to the belief that it is protected, nuclear power has a way of destroying the entire cities. It is not like a fire that can be put out with water or carbon dioxide, but particular equipments have to be utilized. Afterwards, that location would stay radioactive for fairly a lengthy time, devoid of life and sound.

After 2012’s release, much more and a lot more people get be concerned about it’s gonna be the end of world, subsequent year. But, according to some scientists, Mayan prophecy is just a kind of speculation without true proof. Nevertheless, thanks to this prophecy, lots of individuals start to join in the atmosphere protection group, and pay a lot more consideration about power saving and low carbon living style.

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