Modern Education – Fiction Rather of Reality – two


Each and every a single of us rapidly learns to cope with the reality of the globe we discover ourselves in as it presents itself to us. Every single single youngster sitting inside the ‘world’ of the modern day classroom quite rapidly learns the ‘rules’ and how to survive inside those ‘rules.’

The largest element in a child’s thoughts and heart in that atmosphere is being surrounded by and expanding up with a huge quantity of children all the exact same age.

That big group of little ones all the identical age is nearly every thing inside the mind and heart of a youngster who doesn’t comprehend life, but who should cope with what is thrown at him or her.

Let’s discover that environment a little bit.

Very first, that group of peers is almost everything to the child. To match into and be accepted by the peer group is everything. These are the ones who will mock you without end if you do not match. Out of that peer group evolves a set of guidelines of conduct and appearance. The peer group evolves a worth system and a hierarchy of influence or pecking order.

I teach 8th by way of 12th graders, so I can only speak directly of that age group. But at the high school level, the adherence to and enforcement of peer group guidelines is absolute. Those rare and occasional folks who refuse the group guidelines are universally despised and fiercely attacked. In return, these occasional men and women turn out to be bitter and difficult and obnoxious to absolutely everyone.

Second, the teacher is the only adult in the area. Teaching is fundamentally an isolated and lonely occupation. Behind the teacher the principal looms in the background as a threat. Nonetheless, the teacher, far removed from the age level of the group imposes a set of ‘rules’ at fantastic odds with the large physique of rules established by the group. The group’s rules are actual-world the teacher’s guidelines are an imposed construction that have validity only for ‘someday.’ This tends to make the teacher and the authority behind the teacher as the opponent and so the group develops a set of guidelines and procedures on how to wage war against and to neutralize the teacher’s rules as much as possible.

Inside this wonderful clash of ‘rule’ groups, the winner is never ever the teacher nor is it the average youngster. You stroll into a classroom as an adult and see a teacher who is either presenting a nicely-ordered and interesting lesson, or a teacher who imposes the teacher guidelines by brute force and meanness and you will make the judgment that the teacher rules are winning the day. You would be entirely wrong. We are looking here at the actual world the child have to find out to navigate. It’s not what the adult ‘sees.’

The winners in this clash of rule groups are the psychopaths – these members of the group who don’t care what anyone thinks of them. These include, especially, those individuals who are without a conscience, who do not see other people in their world as anything but objects to manipulate and handle. These individuals get their energy from dominating and using other people.

I see them all the time functioning inside every classroom. They don’t necessarily have to be bullies, either. Oftentimes they are nicely-liked. But in two distinct scenarios you see their correct colors. A single is when some thing uncommon happens in the classroom. It’s remarkable to watch. Instantly, the eyes of each and every typical youngster in the area goes straight to that controlling individual to see how that person reacts, so that every person knows themselves, how they also must react. The other situation is when this controlling individual is nailed for his poor behavior. Oh my! I need to have say nothing far more.

And it is inside this artificially designed ‘gang’ style environment that we spot our youngsters all the days of their lives. We foolishly inform our children to “do what the teacher says and learn all you can,” tips which the child cannot comprehend since it has no connection with the difficult planet they have to navigate daily.

An artificially produced planet that has no relationship to reality.