Modern day Higher-tech Sterilization Technologies And Its Application In Food Sector Analysis –

tags A main cause of food spoilage is the outcome of microbial activity of corruption, is currently the concentrate of meals security one of the troubles, not only triggered large financial losses and threatening people’s lives and wellness. For that reason, in order to kill targeted microorganisms sterilization technologies, has been a widespread concern of the meals sector. The traditional heat sterilization would be distinct degrees of some heat-sensitive material damage, such as the nutritional content material of food items and certain qualities (like taste, color and flavor, and so on.). In order to maintain meals nutrition and meals as possible to sustain the color, smell, taste and other quality, new sterilization technologies has been created applications.

This paper analyzes the high pressure sterilization, ozone sterilization, ultrasonic sterilization, irradiation sterilization, pulsed electric field sterilization, sterilization strategies such as magnetic principles, positive aspects, disadvantages and application of the object, described these techniques in Application of diverse foods, and sterilization technologies trend is predicted to improve meals safety and nutrition of meals to maintain for reference.

1 ultra higher stress sterilization technology (UHP)

1.1 action principle High stress sterilizer (UHP) technologies, is in a sealed container with water as the medium of soft Package Meals and other supplies to impose 400 ~ 600MPa stress, practically all of them to kill bacteria, mold and yeast, but not as high-temperature sterilization, as damage brought on by nutrients and flavor adjust. The mechanism of higher pressure sterilization is by destroying the bacterial protein in the non-covalent bond, senior structural harm to proteins, causing protein coagulation and enzyme inactivation. Higher pressure can also result in cell membrane rupture, chemical composition of the physique to produce the outflow of bacteria and other cell harm, these elements are integrated Cooperation With the outcome of microbial death. Part of the characteristics

1.2 Stress technology can not only kill microbes, but can Starch Into a paste, into a gel-like protein, was not the very same with the heat therapy of meals flavor [1]. High stress processing technologies makes use of liquid medium, easy to accomplish bactericidal uniform, instantaneous, efficient.

Nevertheless, UHP techniques that do not seem perfect to kill spores in inoculated green tea in heat-resistant bacterial spores, the use of higher hydrostatic stress remedy at room temperature and 400MPa can not kill these spores. On the other hand, sugar and salt as the protection of the microbial part in the viscosity of really big high concentration of sugar remedy, higher pressure sterilization impact is not obvious. As the high stress method, pressure sensitive meals components are subject to different degrees of harm. The high pressure makes the energy consumption enhanced demands on the gear as well. Moreover, the higher stress device calls for a larger input expense have however to resolve its issues, is not conducive to the promotion of industrialization.

In addition, high pressure sterilization normally use water as the stress medium, when the pressure exceeds 600MPa, the water ice appears crucial, therefore, other substances can only use oil as a pressure medium. The effect of higher stress sterilization is affected by numerous variables, such as microbial species, cell shape, temperature, time, stress and so on.

1.three Applications Presently, high stress sterilization of foreign in fruits and vegetables, Yogurt , Jam, dairy merchandise, aquatic goods, egg items such as the production of a specific application. Meat per cm2 is applied heavy stress of about 6t autoclave. The benefits, which, like the original flavor, color and look greater than the original. Japanese meals organization Meiji home strawberry, apple and kiwi jam by the versatile packaging such as soon after 400 ~ 600MPa, ten ~ 30min sterile circumstances, items, color and flavor adjust, and maintain the original taste of the fruit, VC’s retention price in high.

Higher-voltage technologies and other technologies combined to a lot more effectively kill the microorganisms, destroy enzymes, to extend the shelf life [2]. Higher-pressure CO2 and higher pressure technology combined approach to carrot juice, use four.9MPaCO2 and 300MPa combination of high hydrostatic stress therapy, aerobic bacteria can fully inactivate polyphenol oxidase, lipoxygenase, residual activity of pectin methylesterase less than 11.three%, 8.three%, 35.1%.

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