Mobile Notary Software Shortcuts To Streamline Your Loan Signing Organization

tags If youre a notary public, or specially if youre a mobile notary or loan signing agent, you may well be shocked how much you can enhance your productivity and earnings by making use of notary computer software to automate some of your routine tasks. For instance, one particular mobile notary was spending two hours a day on administrative tasks, leaving her with only adequate time for 3 assignments a day. By employing notary software to automate some of these tasks, she was in a position to reduce her administrative time down to thirty minutes a day, leaving her adequate time for eight assignments a day. That’s over two-and-a-half instances more business, just from automating some time-consuming routine tasks.

Here are some of the tasks you can automate by utilizing notary computer software:

1. Telephone alerts and answering: For mobile notaries whose consumers have time-sensitive schedules, missed phone calls and late callbacks imply missed organization opportunities. You can capture this lost business by setting up an automated telephone alert system that lets your mobile phone, pager, or personal computer know instantaneously when an crucial call is coming in. You can likewise automate the process of answering, recording, and forwarding messages.

two. Appointment scheduling: When booking mobile notary appointments into your schedule, its important to have swift access to precise scheduling information to steer clear of any conflicts with other appointments or travel time. Its also important to record appointment information in an easy-to-retrieve format. Appointment scheduling calendar software can help you with this task.

three. Appointment reminders: Appointment software program can also remind you when an appointment is coming up, to make certain you dont overlook or drop track of time. You can figure out how lengthy prior to an appointment you want to be alerted. You can also decide on to be alerted if youre running late for an appointment. And if you need to have to reschedule an appointment, you can do that, too.

4. Driving directions: No far more fumbling with maps! Your laptop and mobile phone can be utilized to offer you with immediate access to driving directions, saving you time and gas mileage.

five. Client and prospect speak to records: Client speak to records are 1 of your most critical organization assets, offering the basis for communications, billing, and repeat enterprise. Prospect speak to records are your crucial to locating new customers. You can automate your management of each kinds of contact information by using spreadsheet or address book application, or variations of this technology specially developed for notaries.

6. Billing: An efficient billing technique increases your odds of acquiring paid reliably and on time. By integrating your speak to records with billing computer software, you can generate automatic, professional-looking billing invoices.

7. Payment collection: 1 mobile notary identified she wasn’t receiving paid for an typical of 35% of her assignments basically since she wasnt following up efficiently on unpaid bills. When she began utilizing computer software to automate her billing and collection process, this dropped to 17-18%.

If youre laptop-savvy, you can automate every of these tasks individually. Or if you want to save time, there is specialized notary computer software that will automate most of these tasks. The much less time you commit on these tasks, the much more time you have to devote working on assignments and earning funds from your notary organization.