Miracles do not happen: hygienic pads with earth that do not work

Miracles do not happen: hygienic pads with earth that do not work

Miracles do not happen: hygienic pads with earth that do not work

The world is going crazy again. This time it’s about NannoCare, which announced the creation of NannoPad hygiene pads. The manufacturer claims that such pads help ease menstrual pain. Many women experience pain during menstruation , which means that there will be a lot of people wishing to acquire a wonderful hygiene remedy. But is NannoPad really working?

The composition of amazing gaskets is no less surprising than the declared properties: inside the gaskets is the earth. The whole secret, says the description of hygiene means, is the use of a new, “nano-genic” technology that allows the creation of a material “enriched with organic elements.”

“This technology surprisingly provides a safe and natural release of the amount of energy needed to ensure microcirculation. This leads to a weakening of menstrual pains without the use of any medication, “- says the website, which tells about NannoPad.

Unusual pads could not but interest medical professionals. Jen Gunter, a gynecologist who leads a popular blog on the Internet, published an explanation on his pages from which it becomes clear why NannoPad can not possess all these wonderful properties.

“Speaking in the medical language, there is no” energy “that can influence the uterine circulation in the earth. In addition, we are constantly in some way or other contacting the soil, dust and soil – this means that no woman has had any menstrual pains for a long time, “Gunter resents in his blog. In addition, she notes, most likely the safety of these hygiene products has not been studied, and so no one knows if such gaskets do not harm the health.

She believes that the gaskets contain components that can not be protected in any way from menstrual pains: cotton wool, viscose and, possibly, activated charcoal.

“The very idea that the pads can relieve the pain during menstruation, just ridiculous,” – concludes Gunter.

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