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tags Microwave Imported goods as the West, the early 90s quietly rising in China, the gradual development of the mid 90’s, completed the import of microwave ovens in China 90 end of the decade to 2005, knowledgeable a fast development of microwave ovens, hundreds of thousands of units sold by the speedy rise in to several million units, microwave oven from a luxury into a mass consumer goods, customers are far more and a lot more recognition but in 2006, has matured in the microwave oven market has stagnated, the PRC, pushing the total information , considering that following 2006, domestic sales of microwave ovens have been eight or nine million units wandering about, has been unable to break 10 million mark.

National Bureau of Statistics in 2008 showed that while the North, on the wide-tier cities such as microwave oven 100 are larger than 80 units, but the microwave oven 100 has a volume of urban China has just reached 50.57 units, and

Suning Electric released the “2009 China’s rural household appliances customer report” shows that microwave merchandise in the rural industry has a capacity of only 100 10.9 Taiwan, significantly significantly less than the saturated industry. In addition, the fairly standard large appliances for

Tiny appliances Shorter solution life, so there is a massive microwave oven replacement industry space. So why is there such a microwave oven market place stalled situation?

Microwave oven has a volume of urban one hundred (Taiwan / one hundred)

Customer level: demand simplicity The PRC, according to monitoring data showed that nearly two years beneath the low end of microwave oven 300 yuan share development momentum maintained: under 300 yuan in 2007 to 15.two% share of microwave items, increased to 20.7% in 2008, 2009 it reached 25.three%.

Microwave oven market share of low-finish surge

the underlying causes of the “microwave wants simplification.” From a consumer’s usage, though the microwave have meals thawing, food heating, cooking

Meals , Food preservation, tableware disinfection, a range of characteristics, but consumers are typically the primary functions is to use meals heating and thawing, only about five% utilizing the microwave function, low price and extended life led to weak microwave demand. This phenomenon happens for two major factors:

First, some buyers a single-sided understanding of solution functions for microwave ovens, microwave ovens do not know that there are other features. This is primarily due to the continuity of the early microwave business

Value war Fast ripening of the microwave oven market, disrupted the regular and needed coaching and transition markets, ignoring the guidance of customers and consumer demand focus. Also listed on the initial function of a single microwave oven and shoppers had a deep-rooted in the concept of mind: The main goal is to microwave heating and thawing of meals.

Second, the Chinese meals culture of the Chinese culinary habits of buyers affected, despite the fact that that makes some consumers can microwave cooking dishes, microwave oven, but do not completely trust this feature. China cuisine, cooking a assortment of techniques, spend focus to color, flavor and taste. Shoppers accustomed to using fire to cook, not only true-time manage fire size can be arbitrary, at any time to add all spices to enhance food flavor. The microwave oven of a closed environment so that shoppers see alterations in the course of dishes, the resulting distrust.

The exact same time, some buyers that the only function of microwave thawing and heating food, microwave cooking functions or that reach very good outcomes, but

Gas stoves , Induction cooker and so can achieve this functionality, there is no program to buy microwave oven.

Factory level: long-term training demands of the consumer notion

Manufacturers have also been completely conscious of the lack of training brought on by the shortcomings of the market, on the a single hand the introduction of new ideas such as “light”, “adjust wave”, “frequency” and so on, to arouse the concern of buyers the other hand, are continuous technical upgrading, improvement of different new features and actively guide the customer to much better comprehend the microwave oven, such as

Glanz Together with Gome, need by “2008 Microwave Festival” and other cultural advertising and marketing, imperceptibly changing the utilization of microwave attributes the business embarrassment, market upgrading of microwave goods.

But we should also understand that most shoppers can not clearly understand the emergence of industrial upgrading in the new technologies, but also let customers Touyunnaozhang ideas, it is hard to type a product in the minds of customers enhance the impression of nature. On the contrary, lengthy ahead of the value war led to the attitude of buyers towards microwave goods have been a lot more rational, and not so impulsive buying. And in the short term alter in customer habits is not easy, calls for manufacturers to cultivate a lengthy time, companies must strive to strengthen technological innovation, boost the value to China’s loved ones requirements a genuine microwave oven goods.