Medium And Big Electrical Shop Into The “pipeline” (with Images)

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Marketplace “Pride and dreams, large and medium electrical higher transferred to Chongqing. 4 months, medium and large monthly open a new retailer expansion price of crazy. Now, medium and massive urban areas in Chongqing have 3 stores, its fourth store in Shapingba shop also will be unveiled next week.

Days ago, a considerably larger expansion plans came from medium and big electrical appliances: in 2006 opened a new store each and every month to the finish of subsequent year, medium and huge retailers in Chongqing’s total to more than 15. This store opening program, not only marked the medium and big shop into the “assembly line” operations, also indicates that massive and medium will formally commence to play their “subversive” in the function.

Chongqing appliance boom, attracting more and a lot more foreign investors

shop into the “assembly line”

“Every thing was predictable.” Recently, Chongqing, He Tao, common manager of Dazhong Electronics in an interview, said, “big and medium pace in Chongqing is planned to promote orderly conduct. Into the market four months in Chongqing Given that the development of massive and medium even much better than anticipated. “from the August 20 first settled in retailer

Red flag Ditches to the National Day shop opening Nanping from November debut Jiefangbei CBD store the image to be

Decoration Finished the Shapingba Flagship retailer , Medium and massive market in Chongqing, the speedy “expansion” of the sector amazed.

“Leading priority next year, or strategic layout.” Tao He boasted, “Next year will be in Chongqing, medium and large open about 15 retailers, the typical month-to-month shop is down.” This growth and, in Chongqing, house appliances market is no precedent, but in what seems to Tao, and all have been in their hands.

Said He Tao, medium and large layout strategy is each the main city and the secondary industry, the place of new stores subsequent year, will also adhere to this principle. In addition to becoming decorated in Yangjiaping Shapingba shop and shop outdoors, in truth, longevity, Hechuan, large ferries and so on, large and medium have completed a website work, new shops will be opened one following an additional just before and soon after the Spring Festival. He Tao mentioned, “Now is not the medium and huge most need to have to think about the quantity of stores open question, but how to make sure the production of single-shop difficulty. To increase the top quality of shop layout will be the medium and massive when regarded as in the strategic focus.”

rewrite pattern subsequent home appliances “Despite the fact that the improvement approach are expected, but mentioned ‘subversion’ are not however huge reality,” said He Tao, Chongqing

Residence appliance chain Of Competitors Constantly been extremely intense, plus there are regional organizations long history as a latecomer, medium and big will undoubtedly have a “hard capabilities” procedure, the real “subversion” from the next year.

With the rising quantity of shops subsequent year, medium and massive in the marketplace competitors will also have more correct to speak. Single quantity from the retailers point of view, at present,

States United States Has 15 retailers in Chongqing, Suning 8, trading companies, and re-one hundred Following the reorganization, the quantity has improved to dozens of stores, big and medium stores the current three all-natural enough to contend with three significant competitors, but the completion of 15 retailers subsequent year, the layout, and competitors gap will be narrowed significantly, the pattern of household appliance marketplace in Chongqing subsequent year will be re-written for medium and big.

In addition to the quantity of stores, the market place structure brought on “subversion”, the large and medium will be “subversive” is extended to the end of consumption. Following all, no matter how the market structure, the individuals most concerned about is value and service. The arrival of massive and medium, so that such competition was brought into fuller interpretation.

He Tao, mentioned right now at the price of house appliances and hardware stores are not set on any distinction, the focus of competitors also in the soft services, medium and large are not afraid to fight

Price tag war

Moreover, I hope by way of service to commence, to win the industry competition by means of differentiation. Tao He even predicted that subsequent year the concentrate of house appliance chain enterprises are not value competitive, although in the service.