Medical Specialists Feel The Pulse Of Lin’an Biomedical Business

tags Fair for the initial time invited to Linan Zhu Jian, very good ecological atmosphere of the city had a deep impression. He explained that the North American Nuclear Society was founded in the United States choose “Silicon Valley”, an important situation is that Chinese and the nearby climate, gorgeous scenery, which is the improvement of biological medicine is extremely favorable situations.

It is understood that the North American Nuclear Society is the world’s leading biomedical organizations, members of the overall health of the global life sciences and pharmaceutical industries composed of eminent persons of Chinese, there are 350 members, focuses on the biological planet Healthcare cooperation And exchanges. Zhu Jian stated that via the accumulation of Association of the elite, not only for the development of Chinese medicine to give path to local choice-creating, far more importantly, to train new domestic pharmaceutical sector leaders, for the pharmaceutical sector, the Chinese government to supply suggestions and tips. He told reporters: “The Fair will be held for the majority of the sector to provide a communication platform, capable to produce business possibilities in Lin’an. In addition, Linan pharmaceutical industry to create, it should have the support base to start off to pregnant base The notion, for the majority of pharmaceutical sector to offer a high-finish business platform. “

True Estate Improvement Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Pro An Jinli Chairman Kong Xinxiang: Lin’an favorable atmosphere and handy transportation

Expo in forest resources, forest ecology financial development summit, told reporters Kong Xinxiang, Linan environment is really superior, on their company’s true estate improvement is extremely favorable conditions. “Our company’s philosophy is genuine estate improvement of ecological residential region of low density, Linan meet this condition. In addition, Hangzhou Lin’an in the suburbs, practical transportation is also attracted me to invest a substantial element. For that reason, early this year decided to invest in Lin’an The first phase of the project, estimated to reach 200 million yuan will be invested, planning and development land of 22,000 square meters, will start off just before the finish of this year. ” Copper Co., Ltd. Ningbo Winbond

Man Yao, chairman of Property: do solar electric panels to fill the gaps in Lin’an

“Linan great place, away from Hangzhou, so close, and targeted traffic on the advantage for the introduction of talent, of course, I am human atmosphere is also important, and the individuals are very straightforward … …” F, Yao Wen mentioned that he is being Linan all sorts of “excellent” by the deeply attracted to the town is also just invested hengfan Zhejiang Sheng Xin New Energy Technologies Co., Ltd..

New business primarily produces solar electric panels, extensively utilised for street lighting, engineering energy engineering. Developing paper, stated Yao is expected to invest six billion, was place into operation in July subsequent year. “It must be stated that also belong to the blank item in Lin’an, a good solar power investigation and development of electronic boards, I believe it will lead Linan-associated industries on the downstream improvement.” LOU Yao looked confident. China Electronics Technologies Group

professor level senior engineer, 23 Dubai Lin: Integration of wire and cable market to implement brand approach

Have bought a property in Lin’an, prepared to trip in Dubai Lin loved ones, this once again came to Lin’an, really feel particularly warm. As authorities in the field of wire and cable industry, he was particularly concerned about the path of the wire and cable Linan, but also actively whom pulse interrogation.

“In the national counterparts, Linan improvement potential of this market is fairly big, such as Lin’an production accounted for 80% of the Tv cable on, and the present demand of the world reached 70 billion, so a lot space for development.” Dubai Lin suggested that Linan wire and cable market far more scattered improvement has been slow. He suggested that Linan wire and cable business to achieve a breakthrough and development, we should integrate, vigorously implement the national brand, international brand approach. “Linan wire and cable business to be developed, they should take this step, the impact brought about apparent, such as the capacity to develop high-tech goods, and anti-risk capability will be enhanced, the output worth and profits can be significantly improved.”