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tags Recent sudden temperature drop, but why have not the time for heating, which can be urgent poor cold who, thankfully there is electric heating gear to meet their urgent requirements. Go to shops to see a variety of kinds of electric heaters might be plenty of cash, but so many varieties of what sort of heater is it? Heating techniques are any distinct? I appear at this to answer for absolutely everyone. Ting

electric heater Referred to as oil-filled radiators. This physique is filled with new thermal oil heater, when switched on, the heating pipes about the thermal oil is heated, and then scattered along the heat pipe or heat from the chip will be. When the oil temperature reaches 85 , its own temperature handle device that is energy. This heater thermal oil without replacement, lengthy life, price is typically 400 to 500 yuan. Match in the living space, bedroom, hallway and the elderly and families with children to use, with safety, health, clean, odorless advantages. Drawback is slow cooling, power consumption and far more. Oil radiator heat sink with 7, 9, 10, 12, etc., can choose how much to transfer heat sink the size of the energy, use energy about 1200 watts.

Far infrared heater Named quartz tube heater. The far infrared quartz tube heating, heat transfer mode for the radiant heat, heat penetration, but not straightforward to spread, and low thermal efficiency with fire, consume oxygen, due to backward technology, this product has been uncommon in the market place, less expensive , in the hundred or so, for local heating in the household.

PTC Heater PTC ceramic heating element is a short. It uses fan air flowing through the PTC heating element agitation forced convection, this is the principal heat exchange. Equipment is restricted to its internal temperature, and when the fan outlet is blocked, they can on their own power. Some are equipped with dump switch, when the heater when dumping off the energy on their personal. The output energy in the 800-1200 watts, are free thermostat, air soft operate, heating up fast, with automatic temperature function, PTC devices generally have waterproof, so suitable for use in bathrooms, priced at 300 to 500 of rooms, is the ideal transportable property electric heater.

Convection Heater This heater on the cover for the outlet, the bottom of the inlet, right after the electric power of air around the pipes is heated up, out from the outlet, even though the surrounding cold air from the inlet into the supplement. Repeat this cycle, so that the indoor temperature to improve. When the import and export are blocked, or the ambient temperature is as well high, the temperature manage device will automatically reduce off the electric energy supply. This heater utilizes the energy of 800 watts or so, can also improve or reduce the quantity of heating pipes connected to regulate energy. The security performance of the heater higher, run quiet, drawback is the slow warming.

Electric film heater All-clear high-temperature electric heating membrane material, the workmanship in the planet sophisticated level. Using hot air channel structure, way of the enhanced convection heat transfer, thermal boot speed, the air temperature up to one hundred inside 3 minutes or more, but following the power is quickly cooling. As the electric heating film is itself no oxidation, the valuable life of 10 million hours, while tiny in size, shape and beautiful, and so forth, belong to a family of new generation solution heater. Siphon heat pipe heater is emerging this year, a heater, it makes use of the “two-phase closed thermosyphon” as the heat source, heating up rapidly, higher thermal efficiency. Operate is not light, no fire, not afraid of Shuilin and water vapor corrosion, appropriate for basic use space and bathroom, priced about 400 yuan.

Quartz tube heater Heater is electric wire, by way of the quartz tube. Work, make light, not suitable to use in the bedroom. This heater is appropriate for small space about 10 square meters, the retail cost of 130 yuan. As the heating wire effortlessly oxidized and other causes, have been uncommon.

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