Major problem due to detection of Plagiarism in the research articles

INDIA: Copy this content? The system is followed by everybody and they lying to all about their article is unique and original. India is facing this big issue “Copy and paste” by mature people in academic relation among students, researcher and professor.

As per the analysis report among contents written from many authors, it is found that they copied the contents from several sources, in other words forgery is being happening day to day from the people from academic profile. Plagiarism software and tools helps a lot but sometimes it might be wrong because the detection of duplicate content is very difficult and many tools are depend on search engines to get the result. At this point IJRE made one system to fight against plagiarism to provide readers original and genuine contents to explore the knowledge and skill, this campaign help many authors to make distance from plagiarism.

There is no doubt that India is growing and developing country to maintain the economics and encourage people to participate in the field of research and engineering to innovate new ideas.

A survey report of content writing among many universities in the India only 20% contents are found unique and quality article in their subjects, this is going bigger issue and we have to stop duplicacy and the environment of academic research healthy.

Dr. RK Jain (International Journal of Research and Engineering) said that If we accepting the plagiarised contents than it cannot be remove, although trying to prevent and detection of plagiarism has been growing from 1995, Time of India reported that only one of ten authors writing unique and original contains.

Major problem due to detection of Plagiarism in the research articles

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