Luxury Marketplace Spread To The Cooking Pans Pots To 30 000 – Cooking Utensils, Stainless Steel – Metal

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Hardware Network HC: A wok three,000 yuan to five,000 yuan a pressure cooker, and even a bottle of seasoning have to more than 4 hundred yuan … … National Day is approaching, those close to Germany, Italy and other European companies of high-finish cookware labels have also joined the ranks of promotion, and further to seize the market place. Yesterday, the reporter visited the Castle kitchen markets recognize that the Castle of high-finish cookware brands get together, although high-high quality, tariffs and other elements contribute to higher costs, nonetheless due to smoke-free of charge, power saving, high-good quality after-sales service several main promoting point in the island city steadily to “far better”, to be a lot more and far more acceptable to the public.

Upscale cooking get together into the mall

Yesterday, the reporter visited Hisense Plaza, Mackay music, Jusco Shopping Centre to see the German cooking WMF, Zwilling, Germany, Italy, Le pot, Germany Feishi music, such as Spain and France Georgia kitchen counters have launched the National Day Promotion such as the acquire of 3 sets by 1,000 yuan in cash, at least 9,088 yuan much less than 2,000 yuan in cash and other “much less full” and “acquire gift” activities, a single seldom sees a direct price reduce. “We do not rely on ‘price war’ to win, high quality is our selling point.” Hisense Plaza, a kitchen counter sales of imported workers told reporters, right here a small milk pan thousand dollars, probably around 3,000 yuan wok, stress cooker to far more than 5000 yuan, installed for a set of cooking utensils, ranging from 35 million to much more than ten million, is cooking in the “Mercedes.” Nonetheless, the salesman explained that the import of stainless steel cooking utensils are produced of higher density, thermal speed, less smoke-free fry, the pot has far more than four every single function, collectively with the shape design and style of human price, of course not Philippines. In addition, the sales employees said the high-finish cookware that is also exceptionally comprehensive service, in addition to more than 20 years of shelf life, but also provide cost-free cleaning, home to teach users to use cost-free of charge, particular festivals, cooking and other services to assist buyers.

Higher costs consumers are not members of the public accessibility

“Though high-priced, only 3 or four years into the Castle, but the higher-finish cookware has sales of our main kitchen counter.” Mackay car shopping, Ms. Le said that shopping malls are now a total of five high-grade cookware brand significantly reduce than the quantity of domestic middle and low cookware brand, but sales account for much more than half of total sales, and sales growth price of more than 60% each year, has grow to be a customer trend. Ms. cars stated that the present higher-finish cooking utensils from the middle-aged higher-revenue clients extend to the younger crowd and concentrate on new good quality of life of elderly individuals, this year’s National Day, they launched main efforts to market higher-end cooking but also to the ‘gold 9 silver 10’ wedding season to attract far more and much more young couples to consult and acquire. Ms. automobile that is a fashionable higher-finish cookware and handy consumer items, constant with the concept of the young couple’s life. They are not the principal reason not to purchase can not afford to invest but do not know the characteristics of higher-end cookware, cooking utensils are not altering the concept of consumption. Many high-end cookware makers official said, think that, after many key promotions and consumer market cultivation, the young couple on this market’s prospective.