Luminess Air – Makeup Created Effortless


Luminess Air Overview

We would advise looking into Luminess Air. This is a item line that employs airbrush technologies and a wide range of eye-catching cosmetic applications. The airbrush method is noted for its versatility and the makeup is identified for the straightforward, light way it wears on the face. Because you do not need to have to touch your face in order to apply Luminess Air, it is cleaner. But due to the fact you can spread it on evenly and cautiously, it can also mask wrinkles, age spots, and the like.

Luminess Air also provides a higher degree of functionality. It is inexpensive when compared to professional applications. But it is also the best way to keep away from the troubling differences in between face, neck, and ears. Customers can blend away the lines that utilised to make items appear uneven.

Ingredients at a Glance

Luminess Air® does not disclose its items ingredients contents. Nonetheless, it does characterize its cosmetics as hydrated minerals – a departure from the standard way of formulating makeup.

Components in Concentrate

Luminess Air’s hydrated minerals are the purpose Luminess Air wears so effectively. These “micro-dots” spread evenly and lightly and are to be differentiated from heavier formulas from far more conventional companies. Such formulas contain dry minerals in oil-primarily based, silicone-primarily based, and/or water-based solutions. It is no wonder Luminess Air enables the skin to breathe following even the most intensive applications.

The item line consists of Satin Foundations, Matte Foundations, Blushes, Moisturizers, Metallics, Translucent Powders, and numerous accessories to the technique. The airbrush method itself charges $ 229, which is peanuts compared to the higher price tag airbrushing utilized to expense.


Smooth, light, and hygienic.

Palette range means correct skin color and tone matching.

Quite reasonably priced compared to a specialist.


Item only obtainable via official organization internet site

Final Thoughts

Luminess Air is attractive for a quantity of factors, not least of which is its wearability. If you are searching for a lighter, cleaner way to boost your look, Luminess Air is the product line for you. Quit by the site and watch the instructional videos. It takes only a handful of minutes, but it is fairly convincing.