Liu Binjie: Strengthen The Party Spirit That The Press And Publication Of Scientific Development


2 three pm, central group of Press and Publication Administration, held in 2009 the initial theoretical study enlarged, conveying the seventh session of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission Common Secretary Hu Jintao’s critical speech at the plenary session 3 times and Comrade Li Changchun Division investigation and study of important speech, press and publishing method of the deployment of anti-corruption building. Department study and practice the scientific idea of improvement activities as the group leader, party secretary, Liu Binjie Director to attend and address, he stressed, news publishing technique to further strengthen the celebration members and cadres, celebration spirit, carry forward the fine style of operate, vigorously market the scientific development of Press and Publication.

The meeting, committee member of Press and Publication Administration, Central Discipline Inspection Commission, head of the Discipline Inspection Group stationed in Song Mingchang Department, Basic Secretary Hu Jintao to convey the Third Plenary Session of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission 17 In his crucial speech, party members of the Division, Deputy Director Dong-Dong Li conveyed Comrade Li Changchun, when investigation in the Department’s important speech, Division deputy celebration secretary, Jiang Jianguo, Deputy Director, Division celebration members, Deputy Director Wu Shulin, Yan Xiaohong, Sun Shou Hill attended the meeting.

Liu Binjie said in his speech, Hu Jintao, general secretary of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission seventh plenary session of the essential speech three occasions, a profound evaluation of the current situation in building anti-corruption, clearly put forward the process of creating anti-corruption in the future, targeted , hit the practice. News publishing system to seriously convey, study, put the Common Secretary Hu Jintao’s important speech. Liu Binjie stressed that implementing the spirit of Comrade Hu Jintao’s critical speech, very first of all essential to continue to study in depth, the central suggestions into line with the demands and specifications of the letter by the central authorities to implement in sensible function. Second, we must seize the important, understanding spirit. To appropriately judge the scenario, the present anti-corruption of the situation to the central spirit of the path of clearer considering much more clearly. To do a great job, “Press and Publication Administration to establish a sound program for punishing and preventing corruption perform program 2008-2012”, I highlighted four priorities, namely, the central main decisions to make certain implementation, to ensure appropriate exercising of public energy to address crucial regions, important hyperlinks corruption, resolve straight the issues affecting their essential interests. Party members and cadres must strengthen the celebration spirit, maintaining in thoughts the goal of serving the men and women, adhere to the “two musts,” “upholding the eight and eight against.” To carry forward the fine style, emphasizing realistic, for the masses, to enhance practical ability, keeping in thoughts the sense of duty, foster a right view of achievements and interests. To work, group constructing, cadre choice, evaluation, discipline and administration of law enforcement Management And so on., reflect the celebration spirit, develop excellent function style, and really strengthen the celebration spirit, carry forward the fine style of function requirements into tangible action.

Mr. Liu pointed out that Comrade Li Changchun on Jan. 16 at the time of Press and Publication Administration investigation important speech, the press has published the particular specifications of every job, considering clearly, reflects the scientific improvement idea to guide the work of Press and Publication specifications. He asked the division to numerous departments of the numerous organizational units straight under significant study and discussion of particular implementation measures, solid to the important speech of Comrade Li Changchun and implement press and publication work, to further market the realization of the scientific improvement of Press and Publication.

Department office building also place forward distinct demands.

Third Plenary Session of Central Discipline Inspection Commission 17 on January 12, 2009 to 14 in Beijing. Plenary closing quickly, Press and Publication Administration party that is in the January 21 particular meeting, study and implement the Central Discipline Inspection Commission to convey three seventh plenum, Liu Binjie conveyed Common Secretary Hu Jintao’s crucial speech, celebration members to engage in severe discussion, and had been on the understanding knowledge. Press and Publication Administration and the Central Discipline Inspection Commission in Division celebration discipline inspection group also recently issued a circular calling for the program to seriously study and implement the seventh session of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission General Secretary Hu Jintao’s essential speech at the Third Plenary Session of the spirit, and earnestly do a great job in 2009 news publishing program against corruption and building work.

Press and Publication Administration authority to all civil servants, members of the units straight beneath the leadership, Celebration office director, Personnel, attended the meeting.