Little Tamping Machine And The Performance Comparison Of Various Kinds Of Impact Rammer – Small

tags 60 years before the last century, our country is lack of little compaction machinery, many modest venues, largely artificial compaction compaction.

The early 60s of final century, Changsha Building Machinery Analysis Institute and Beijing Institute and other units Cooperation , In the mass primarily based on the final results of technological innovation with Chinese characteristics, summarized the invention of the breaststroke tamping machine, invented in 1962 by National Science and Technology Award. Frog Compactor simple upkeep, easy to use, quickly grow to be the major 60’s compaction machinery items. According to incomplete statistics frog Compactor cumulative production reached more than 50,000 sets of economic construction in China has played an essential function. Right after 70 years, frog Compactor progressively much more advanced vibration overall performance Rammer And replaced by vibrating plates, frog Compactor presently very couple of, essentially been eliminated.

1964, the Changsha Building Machinery Study Institute has created HB120 internal combustion tamping machine, beginning from Shanghai Building Machinery Factory production was primarily by Tsu Dongting Engineering Machinery Factory production, annual output of about 200. 80 years, internal combustion rammer solution quality has enhanced drastically, has exported to Southeast Asia and Africa. Following 90 years, making internal combustion Compactor Sell Quantity is steadily decreased, only a few little private enterprises.

1977, the Changsha Building Machinery Analysis Institute and the Liuzhou Building Machinery Factory has developed China’s first HZR250 variety and HZR70 type vibration plates, both of which had been adopted in 1979 and 1982 organized by the Ministry of Building identification. Then Yiwu building machinery plant, construction machinery plant in Siping, Tsu Dongting Engineering Machinery Factory and a number of companies have begun creating vibrating plates. Changsha Building Machinery Analysis Institute in 1986, has created a big HZR450 variety vibration plates. Right after 90 years of last century, vibration plates with rapid development in China, product varieties, specifications and manufacturers increase the vibration of the foreign plates have moved into the Chinese market.

1983, the Changsha Building Machinery Investigation Institute and Hubei vibrator operates jointly created China’s 1st HZR70 sort of vibratory, 1984, passed the appraisal organized by the Ministry of Construction, 1985 Progress Award by Ministry of Science and Technology . As with vibratory compaction powerful, high productivity, volume and weight of modest, light and flexible prominent features well-liked with users, has been promoting the use of speedy and swiftly developed into Zijiang Machinery Plant, Xinxiang third Machine tool Plant and machinery factory Tsu Dongting dozens of enterprises. Though vibratory plate compactor created later than the vibration, but the pace of improvement, production and sales and use much much more substantial than the vibrating plate compactor, tamping machine has grow to be the biggest production and sales of top items. Right after 90 years of last century, foreign vibratory plates have moved into the Chinese market.

And vibration of vibratory plate compactor in the productive improvement of our country, not only for the developing construction sector in China provides the overall performance of sophisticated compaction machinery, has achieved very good economic and social rewards, but also to consolidate the mechanical technologies to move ahead in China a large step, decreasing the gap with the planet advanced level, and market China’s modest Compaction Machinery Improvement.

1, rammer and classification of the technical core

Rammer technical core is mostly reflected in 3 aspects:

A, Engine Since the rammer is a higher-frequency vibration compaction equipment, poor functioning conditions, the seismic requirements of the engine is particularly higher, there need to be a powerful anti-vibration rammer to match certain engine. As the power source rammer, common motors, GM Gasoline The earthquake resistance are poor, life will be very brief. Some foreign rammer rammer companies create their own certain engine, but the parts price extremely high, and provide a lengthy period. The impact rammed the most current specific Honda engine GX100, GX120 and Robin EH12 series gasoline engines, the engines are widely utilised, components provide more than a broad region.

B, shock springs, shock compaction of the influence of spring specifications, demanding spring steel with high fatigue strength, fatigue or loss of elasticity or yield break, the current electric rammer for expense considerations, the spring material Most of the common spring steel, and only one group of springs, so I decided to ram the influence of electric power and the impact frequency is not high, and spring break effortlessly.

C, Dynamic Balance design and style, the influence of ram movement is mainly vertical reciprocating motion of higher frequency, whilst the machine height larger, so the general dynamic balance machine demanding, requiring specialized design and style and test for dynamic balance, Otherwise the machine will jump unstable and hard to control, significantly increase the operator’s labor intensity.

two, the pros and cons of electric rammer

Electric rammer by the motor as a power source, with the buy of low price, and low noise advantages. The disadvantages are: the influence of low frequency, 500 times per minute, normal spring material, a single group of spring design and simple to break against the force is little, the effect force of .eight tons of low degree of compaction, requiring specialized equipment units, need to have to connect cables , and wire put on, cracking, likely to cause shock hazard, failure far more effortlessly delay the building period.