Linear Technology Introduced 16


Launch 16 channels LED Driver LT3754, the device can drive up to 45V for a 50mALED (per channel) of step-up DC / DC controller. Its internal 60V, 1MHzDC/DC increase mode controller made for as many as 160 utilised to drive a white LED continuous current LED driver created. LT3754 12V input can be driven from the 16 channels, each channel has a series of 50mA up to 10 white LED, while delivering far more than 92% efficiency. The multi-channel capability makes the device suitable for medium to huge size TFT-LCD backlighting applications. The 6V to 40V input voltage variety tends to make the device ideal for Vehicle , Air Electronic , HD Tv (HDTV) and industrial display applications.

LT3754 delivers ± 2.8% (standard value ± .7%) of the LED existing matching to ensure a constant display brightness. Dimming ratio up to 3,000:1 by using true color PWM (TrueColorPWM) dimming access. Programmable 100kHz to 1MHz fixed frequency present mode architecture operate and the wide Energy provide And supply a stable output voltage variety of perform, while minimizing external element size. In addition, Switch Frequency can be synchronized to an external clock. Its thermally enhanced 5mm × 5mmQFN-32 package for the application of LED backlighting gives a really compact footprint solution.

LT3754 makes use of an external N-channel MOSFET Switch To offer a increase mode, continuous current source. But even when VIN exceeds VOUT, LT3754 will continue to accurately adjust LED existing. Internal step-up controller utilizes an adaptive feedback loop to regulate the output voltage, so slightly larger than the LED voltage essential to make sure maximum efficiency. If any a single LED string seems open, it will continue to adjust the current LED string to the pin OPENLED alarm signal. If you need much more present LED, you can combine several LED strings, so LT3754 can drive up to eight LED strings, each string of ten 100mALED composition, or drive 4 channels, each channel by 10 200mALED composition. Other attributes contain programmable undervoltage protection, primarily based on junction temperature and / or LED temperature of the LED present derating, and all LED strings have been disconnected when the output voltage limiting function.

LT3754EUH 32-Lead 5mm × 5mmQFN package, 1,000-piece quantities, is priced at 4.25 U.S. dollars each. Industrial grade versions LT3754IUH tested to make sure that in -40 to 125 operating junction temperature variety, 1000 approved the obtain cost was five.00 U.S. dollars per tablet. All versions are accessible from stock.

Efficiency Summary: LT3754 ? Up to 45V of 50mALED, 16-channel LED driver

Wide input range: 6V to 40V

At 20mA with a ± 2.8% when the LED present matching (common worth ± .7%)

Up to three,000:1 in TrueColorPWM dimming range

A single resistor to set LED current (10mA to 50mA)

Even PVIN&gt VOUT also supplied below the condition of LED current regulation

Output in order to accomplish optimum efficiency to adapt to LEDVF

Open-LED fault indication and protection of series

LED pin to protect against quick circuit damage VOUT

Parallel channels to achieve higher LED existing