Light Activity Kit Lion Planet Lightweight Heavy Card Listing Ceremony Was Held – Lug Kind Butterfly

campaign April 23 ten:58 am, with the full sense of a film science and technology, the 2010 Beijing International Auto Show, SAIC Iveco Hongyan carry lightweight Jie Yao Shi Lions debut, the official industry to lightweight heavy attack for China into the heavy truck market place a new lightweight energy.
Superb speech at the Common Manager Mr. Xiong Weiming, the chairman of Mr. Hu Maoyuan by the SAIC, IVECO organization development and vice president of new markets Mr. Oscar, Mr. Ren Yong, chairman of Chongqing Heavy Automobile Group to jointly promote the silver manage the stage, instantaneously , the exhibition field, a silver lion outstanding lightweight six 4 tractor by the wave of the “red scarf” in the exposed flesh, and slowly expand from the auto onto a pair of lovely massive feather wings, the whole outstanding Lion vehicle is like a robust construct and light a giant Peng, about the heavy truck marketplace, the vast sky, flying at random.
The climax of the listing ceremony of weighing in on-web site hyperlinks. The lightweight tractor passing lion Jie place to Pingshang electronic scales, shown on the screen immediately, “8.38.” 8.38 t! General the information triggered a sensation. Strictly in accordance with international requirements, new technologies, new supplies, improvement of Qatar 6 4 traction weight to 8.five tonnes, which became a new breakthrough in the sector.
It is learned that the lion in this exhibition Jie Jie lightweight items not only followed the lion merchandise appear and several lovely atmosphere excellent performance, even through the frame, front and rear springs, balance shafts, thrust rod and rear suspension and other components of the program design and style, vehicle weight as low as eight.26?? 8.46 tons, the effective realization of the economy and reliability, security, and load of the excellent unity. As a result, SAIC Iveco Hongyan Industrial Car Co., Ltd. will be the new definition of “lightweight.” Not simply the pursuit of lighter weight goods on the light, can Dora goods should in comfort and safety has improved, so that practitioners can very easily transport far more decent profit, it is completely one more by overloading the traditional sense, the notion of income is to pursue larger transport efficiency, the laden weight of the same premise, by physique weight, to obtain enhanced speed to reduce fuel consumption, decrease emissions purposes. Row in saving energy, the light weight goods have the responsibility to the industry itself is responsible, far more accountable to the public, so that effective and secure freight industry to truly turn out to be a green environmental protection sector.
Jie Lion lightweight high-strength frame rails of carbon steel, single-frame format with variable cross-section beams, only lightweight, and robust resistance to twisting and impact, by way of a 30,000 km test site comprehensive road test yield strength improved 50%, to significantly boost driving safety.
In the suspension program, the lightweight Jie lion with taper leaf spring suspension design, successfully decreasing the vehicle’s weight, the automobile carrying capacity to make sure the very same time, drastically enhance the vehicle’s comfort. Disconnect-kind balance shaft assembly design highlights the simple, effortless upkeep, use of grease lubrication, basically seal off the leakage of the many advantages. Meanwhile, the lightweight help Jie lion cab suspension kind, use the air springs to enhance the driving comfort.
V-cross pin thrust rod applications, to effectively enhance the automobile stability, avoid or so soon after the bridge prior to and right after the shift, so driving safer and a lot more comfortable.
Lion of the cab is nevertheless outstanding lightweight all-steel structure, to improve active safety aspect, even a lot more humanized design. Dynamic choice of automobiles, be equipped with outstanding Lions have Italian heritage, Cursor 9 engine. Already fully meet the nation emission common, and can easily upgrade to the Europe common, economy fuel-efficient and can successfully adapt to the current fuel tax policies need the macro environment repair parts, significantly less upkeep, low price, oil alter cycle length (domestic engine common period of 5000 ~ ten,000 km, Cursor up to 40,000 km).
The SAIC Iveco Hongyan bring “light. Move the world” idea vehicle will debut lightweight lion Jie Beijing International Auto Show, in the heavy weight card worth card technology and made a deeper level of definition, from Europe Lightweight technology simultaneously in the international heavy truck, heavy truck called the worth model. To “light. Moving the globe” genuinely become “the dumping. Move the planet, Lee. Up to the Quartet”, the transport sector approach will also get rid of low-end competitors, open effortlessly profitable new prospects.

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