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tags Author: “Broadcasting” Liao Machine card separation, much more formal statement was from November 2002 the National Committee set up audio and video normal Digital Tv CA-Card Separation Requirements Functioning Group began. May 2003, the National Major Group for digital television meeting the digital Tv CA Machine Card Separation identified as China’s industrial policies. In the same year in June, Planning Division Ministry of Information Business, Science and Technology Division, Item Division held the domestic market to participate in the CA-Card Separation Work Conference, established the China-Card Separation of 4 basic principles, and CA-Card Separation Requirements Group update Card Separation Standard for the Ministry of Details Business Functioning Group.

More than two years, three separate machine card system come from the improvement of the application. International Expo in May this year, the show and soft broad in August will be the debut of Digital New Media Forum, the 3 applications is from the backstage. Accordingly, the normal machine card separation issues put on the agenda, and turn into the focal point of the 3 programs.

So why Machine Card Separation? CA-Card Separation in the finish is the technology policy or industrial policy? Excellent or undesirable?

On Card Separation CA, is focused on machine card machine card separation requirements or the practical application of the separation? Machine Card Separation to achieve that?

Back searching for the root supply of our digital Tv business in the improvement approach, encountered several bottlenecks, “Machine Card Bind” is 1 of a bottleneck. CA to be diverse and different set-best box companies, carriers of various consultation customized set-top boxes. Set-best box as an end product, not the same regular, the production in a “tailored” stage, there is no way to national unity, we can not scale, industrialized production. Detachable simple goal is to set-top box onto the counter as customer products, digital Television onto the level of sales. Similar to the phone, you can get any of your favored cell phone, mobile telephone and the card control by distinct entities.

CA machine card separation is excellent or poor?
In reality, CA-Card Separation is a favorable signifies to break the monopoly. On radio and Television operators, breaking the monopoly, is excellent news. Makers on the CA, CA-primarily based firm in the digital Television business in the technologies monopoly, not only to the operators cash, the ED also charging set-top box companies. There is clearly an unreasonable share of positive aspects, while CA businesses UIM need recognition, open up its transplant interface and have some input, naturally challenging to get manufacturers with CA. This demands the Government to show strong implies. For instance: If the formulation of norms, mandatory for all CA CA module makers must be communication between the sensible card interface to the government department. All the set-prime box manufacturers, can be a certain way, to some of the Government to accomplish these interfaces will have record of all interfaces, all achieved in the set-best box. Theoretically, if the manufacturers which random card, set-best boxes can assistance, it was close to the machine card separation.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University Professor Zheng Shibao view: The Card Separation proprietary technology, not only can increase the competitiveness of domestic CA company, CA permitted to concentrate on establishing items and security technologies, and can also be intelligent card ICs for the domestic companies the opportunity to enter the field of digital tv.

Obviously, the Airport card and CA are closely related to the initial separation, and if in the future are created CA CA, so both are straightforward to say the sub-or co.

Some folks think: the existing set-best box market place has been based on different carriers, according to the basic area were divided into different application. CA-Card Separation meaningful only 1 machine on the set-best box market place is not considerably.

One machine that? Compatible with both analog and digital signals. When the card can watch digital Tv signals, in case the card can not watch all of the present analog Television signals, and we now use the Television without having any distinction. Cards assume the functions of set-leading box related to making use of a remote handle Tv and set-best boxes can be achieved synchronization. Insert cards can watch digital Tv, straightforward and handy.

The birth of one machine does not mean goodbye to set-prime boxes. Specially now that the regular has not but determined there is a lot of technological change and uncertainty variables. One particular machine is mainly for the future of digital television receivers, specifically flat-panel Tv, high definition television. CCTV decided in high-definition digital Tv receiver with CA-Card Separation program. Shows that the vigorous promotion of one particular machine, you can speed up the renewal of television merchandise.

Machine Card Separation to accomplish the goal?

Digital Television is very important that prior to and soon after the separation?? Central office and the separation of client. Is tied not only before and after CA, operators and application vendors around the use of a wide variety of CA, EPG, downloader, middleware and application software program.