Lengthy Fiber Filter For The Operating Qualities And Functionality Advantages

tags Abstract: Precipitation water treatment plant effluent and the Yangtze River water filtration tests and the standard sand filter and applied in practice, comparing two types of fiber filters, confirmed the self-created extended-fiber filter performance advantage. This kind of filter breakthrough in structural improvements to fiber filtration technology far more sophisticated and effective in promoting the improvement of fiber filtration technology and boost our water level was of wonderful significance.

Fiber filter with its light physique, thin diameter, soft quality characteristics and filtration functionality of a high filtration rate, the benefits of a big quantity of pollutants, for the deep filtration technologies has brought a qualitative leap. Therefore, because the 80s of last century has been used in water treatment, fiber filtration technologies has been fast development. Seen in the reported fiber filter has a variety of [1-three], such as fiber balls, capsules extruded fiber filter and the filter plate kind of projects in China practice has been applied to a particular extent. But their several drawbacks in the structure, to the filter backwash process much more effective and bring insurmountable issues. To this finish, researchers at the in-depth understanding of fiber filtration mechanism and summarizes the existing advantages and disadvantages of different kinds of fiber filters based on 5 years ago succeeded in building a new long-fiber filter. Following almost 5 years of repeated experiments showed that this filter not only much more affordable in structure, and its filtration and backwashing functionality far superior to existing varieties of filters [four], this paper tests, primarily based on the long fiber filter overall performance and backwashing the filter traits were extensive and clear technique, and through comparison with other filters, a detailed evaluation of its efficiency benefits.

1 Test Survey Pukou water plant in Nanjing test carried out, test procedures and the use of long-fiber filter shown in Figure 1. Topic to the manage filter plexiglass into the inside diameter is 300mm, total height of about 2500mm. Fiber elements in the filter flange fixed on the cylinder, the bottom of the gas distributor located, straightforward to wash when the anti-gas cloth uniform upper overflow port positioned to make certain the pressure for the backwash filter and drainage cylinder with distinct height in central office set of three sampling and piezometric mouth. Fiber element polyester fiber material compiled by a particular approach, the particular parameters in Table 1.

Trial turbidity as indicators of solid containing material to examine the filter effects on the removal of suspended solids, while the ammonia measured ahead of and right after filtration, oxygen consumption, the quantity of coliform bacteria and total quantity of other indicators, to fully study the water water quality through the initial filtration rate below distinct long-fiber filter effluent turbidity (like initial therapy), the filtration rate, filter blocking and other modifications of a far more complete picture of extended-fiber filter for the filtration efficiency through various gas and water backwashing strength combination of extended fiber filter backwash situations and characteristics.

Turbidity test variety from the TSZ-400A Desktop Intelligence scattering turbidity measurement technique for the determination of ammonia Nessler reagent, oxygen consumption of high manganese Determination of potassium oxide, the quantity of coliform and total bacteria were utilised multi-barrel fermentation and plate culture method, the resistance measured by the piezometer, the filtration rate determined by the volume of backwash water, gas intensity by LZB-50 kind Liquid rotameter and LZB-40 variety gas rotameter measured.