Led Show Installation Tactics And Employing Notes

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LED display signal cable energy cable system handle card (loaded in the computer) system received acknowledgment card (mounted inside the LED display) desktop computer systems (with DVI video output and serial port) led display and associated accessories

Led display installation actions are as follows:

1, the DVI display card inserted in the motherboard’s AGP slot, set up drivers for the card

2, the data acquisition card inserted in the empty PCI slot (if utilized)

three, with a DVI cable to the data acquisition card and show card collectively

4, the manage line and the serial port (Rs232) connected (optional, Star of Hope the rain technique demands)

5, and get cards with a network cable is connected (specifically the number of articles primarily based on the engineering drawings)

6, verify the connections to be set appropriately or energy debugging.

Led show software installation

Led display software program installation methods are as follows:

1, the graphics card driver installation

The graphics card driver CD into the CD-ROM drive, you can automatically set up the state, according to the prompts.

Initial install DirectX8.1 and then install the driver final installation of handle panel.

two player

Set up massive Led display unique playback and set the LED Studio application, or other control computer software

Led show will be attached with the application application CD into the drive, copy, or install all the programs on your personal computer.

Led display methods (important)

1, Open the led display: Please turn on your laptop, then open the led show.

Pass into the power supply for the device (to guarantee conformity to product specifications input voltage)

Open LED display (Led show instantaneous energy will be a regional physique flashing, indicating that the body of Led display energy), turn on the computer, be certain to guarantee that the video card settings are correct (not will not show properly, that black screen), open the control application, for standard pixel size and the display area setting (this setting does not have an effect on the LED display screen display)

2, Close the led show: 1st, turn off the LED display energy, turn off the control software, and then appropriate off the computer.

Determine troubles

Check all wiring is right, like the sturdy present part of the connection (weak component of the test in a production enterprise has been completed), the signal is connected appropriately, the principal card for the system receives the input and output path is right, indicate the path of receiving the card has.

The program is connected appropriately (please refer to the method connection guidelines)

Whether the portion to full the installation of laptop software, like the graphics card settings (please study the graphics setup guidelines) and the manage application installed.


1, to comply with “Led display user manual” in the process

two, Led show moistureproof, humidity needs: maximum functioning temperature, LED show must be much less than 92% relative humidity

3, the temperature is just proper, Led show temperature specifications: Operating temperature -20 C t 80 C

Storage temperature -40 C t 60 C

four, Led show power supply to meet the requirements

LED show of the power supply voltage: 220V 10% Frequency: 50HZ 5%

Protected and dependable access to land, ground and neutral isolated dependable access to energy away from the high-power electrical equipment.

Open and close LED show Note:

A switching sequence:

Open the led display: 1st, open the personal computer, then open the led show.

Close the led show: initial, close the led show, then close computer.

(Initial turn the pc does not shut led show, Led show with higher result in vibrant spots, burning lamps, significant consequences.)

two, open and close time every time to far more than 5 minutes.

3, the computer manage application into the project only after the opening led show power.

4, to avoid white screen in the entire state, open the led show, because at this time the influence of the existing program the most.

5, to stay away from out of handle beneath the open the led display, simply because at this time the effect of the present method the most.

A pc does not have access handle software and other procedures

B personal computer does not energy

C control portion is not powered.

six. The ambient temperature is too high or undesirable cooling conditions, should be taken not for a extended time to open screen.

7. Electronic show as element of the body appears really bright line, should pay interest to timely close the led display, too extended in this state, open the led show.

eight. Usually led show power switch trip, need to be checked in time led show or replace the energy switch.

9. Periodic inspection firmly attached at the predicament. If loosening, spend consideration to adjust, re-strengthening or updating of hanging.

10. According to large led display body, the handle component of the environment in which to steer clear of insect bites, poison prevention want to be placed.

Second, Led show control section modifications, alterations in Notes

1, personal computer, manage portion of the energy line zero, the fire can not reverse, the place should be in strict accordance with the original plug. If peripherals, connectivity has been completed, ought to be the test case is charged.

2, mobile computer systems and other control gear, must very first check the connection before the energy line, handle panel without loosening.

3, can not tamper with communication lines, flat connection line position and length.

four, found after moving short circuit, tripping, fire line, smoke and other anomalies show must not be repeated energy testing, should be promptly discover the issue.

3 Led display software operating Caution

1, Led show application backup: WIN2003, WINXP, applications, software program installation, database.

Recommended “a key to restore” software program, simple to operate.

two, master installation approach, raw data recovery, backup.

3, the master manage parameters set, alterations to the underlying information preset

4,, skilled use of procedures, operation and editing.

5, regularly check for viruses, get rid of unrelated information

6, portion-time employees, do not operate Led show software system.