Leapfrog Leapster Educational Electronics

tags LeapFrog Enterprises is a Emeryville, California primarily based company which specializes in making and distributing educational electronic toys. Formed in 1995 by Mike Woods, who was dissatisfied with the possibilities in educational toys for his personal son, the company quickly became a top manufacturer of higher good quality educational toys to teach young, grade school kids subjects like writing, reading, phonics, and math.

The first product introduced by the firm in 1995 was the LeapFrog Phonics Desk. This was a hand held device with a colorful row of letters in alphabetical order taking up half the surface area. It came equipped with 6 games, and a magnetic writing pen attached for use with a specific writing surface so that children could practice their letters. Particular electronic pens would become a staple for future LeapFrog goods.

The business soon came out with the LeapPad program in 1999, which would become its flagship item. LeapPad was a unique device that would hold specially developed books, and the device would study along with the children as they moved the pen more than the letters. It had a lengthy item life, only being replaced in 2007 with the Tag, a pen shaped device that would study audio when scanned across the pages of specially selected books. The audio details for the books can be downloaded onto a Tag device from the Net, which makes it a far more adaptable tool.

In 2003, LeapFrog released the Leapster, a hand held gaming device specially developed for educational electronic games. This was succeeded by the Leapster2 in 1998. The Leapster and Leapster2 are cartridge based systems, and over the years have had about 40 games created for their use. This makes the Leapster the handheld gaming device with the biggest library of educational software in the globe. In 2010, LeapFrog introduced the Leapster Explorer, which also uses gaming cartridges as properly as “leaplets”, which are games downloaded off the Web. It characteristics a touch screen and a pen for writing practice, and permits youngsters to do a lot of remarkable things like study e-books and learn on a wide variety of subjects.

Yet another product that kids love is the ClickStart, marketed as being a child’s very first personal computer technique. A ClickStart pc opens up like a laptop and permits kids to get messages from their parents, and play several electronic educational games. With such a wide selection of educational electronic toys offered for sale, LeapFrog is an industry leader in supplying wonderful educational toys to excite and educate young minds.

LeapFrog has won recognition in the sector, and its merchandise have won numerous awards for excellence. Young children just can’t get sufficient of these educational toys, they really like them so significantly. Parents love the Leapfrog systems as effectively, and they really feel very good about allowing their kids to play games that enrich their minds and assist them to develop abilities that they will be in a position to use productively all through life. For wonderful electronic educational games that youngsters are positive to enjoy to play, you can’t go far incorrect in getting a LeapFrog gaming device.

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