Latino Overall health


Latino Health Troubles.  Latino Well being Surprises and Strengths.  Public Policy that impacts and influences Latinos and overall health.  How we define, engage and defend our personal well being

And, perhaps most important, how these issues affect us and our day to day lives.

Overall health is applicable to each and every location of our becoming — we talk about emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health.  We also go over our financial overall health.

I chose this concern for this month, January, given that health issues — and obtaining “healthier” in a number of techniques — look to be on everyone’s minds.  

We take up exercising (or head back to the fitness center), guarantee to get out of debt, or maybe even consider about going to church much more, sticking with a meditation system or receiving “toxic” folks out of our life.

Overall health is about our environment as a complete, not just the physical atmosphere, but also the psychic environment — who we let in our lives an influence our energy.  And these health concerns are often out of our control.  We’ll also think about what in our world influences our wellness in our communities — asthma, environmental toxins, our housing, etc.

There are community wellness centers that focus on, and cater to, Latino populations.  These centers frequently (but not always) comprehend that Latinos might believe really differently about wellness issues.

For example, Latinos have for a long time understood at some level that our feelings influence our health, and vice versa.  You can probably think of some examples of this.

Some of our families’ “superstitious” approaches and folk medicine have been remedies for the items that ail us.

And though in particular methods Latino communities have been extremely progressive from a wellness angle, in other methods, we have been significantly less than open.

Mental well being troubles have long been a stigma in our communities — sometimes to the extent that we refuse to acknowledge even in our own families that one thing may possibly be drastically wrong.  Issues such as schizophrenia, depression and manic problems could not be recognized at all.

And our sexual health and effectively-getting is some thing that is also not often addressed.

How do we take care of our personal health, and do so in a way that encourages not only our own effectively-becoming, but that of these in our communities as nicely?

This month we’ll hear from women who work in distinct wellness arenas, and uncover out what concerns they see, and how they deal with well being issues in their personal lives.

What about YOU?  In what methods do you want to get healthier?  What are your challenges, and what are your strengths?  Go for it, chica!  This is the year to turn out to be the most Effective Latina but…

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