Lastest Trailer ?I Am Quantity Four? Released


The sci-fi adventure “I Am Quantity Four” has just released its complete theatrical trailer. “I Am Number Four”, directed by D. J. Caruso, is an adaptation from the novel “I Am Number Four” by Jobie Hughes and James Frey.  Aiming at the young audiences. DreamWorks’s new movie is produced thanks to the cooperation of Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg. The film is projected between $ 50 and $ 60 million in budget and will hit the theater on February 18, 2011.


The released trailer focuses only on the set up of the film. A group of nine infant aliens in resemblance of human beings flee to Earth due to the fact their property globe is destroyed. The super beings are named from quantity 1 to quantity 9 and they are haunted by these who destroy their planet. They are killed in the sequence of their numbers.


Number four, named John Smith, is the protagonist and the narrator of the teaser. On moving to Paradise, Ohio, he disguises himself as an American student at high school. He gets acquaintance with a Midwestern photographer named Sarah Hart on such occasion that quantity 1, quantity 2, number three are killed already. Falling in love with Sarah Hart, he stops running from the enemies but stands up and fights for himself and his enjoy. 


“I Am Quantity Four” will hit the theater on February 18, 2011

Alex Pettyfer co-stars with Dianna Agron in “I Am Number Four”

Science fiction film is based on the novel “I Am Quantity Four” by Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg with much adaptation.

The movie is made thanks to the cooperation of Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg

D.J. Caruso’s action-thriller “I Am Quantity Four” seems to have far more action and significantly less moody drama.

“I Am Quantity Four” is an ultra-effective franchise of DreamWorks Photos.

In the film, Dianna Agron characteristics a Midwestern photographer

“I Am Number Four” is going to be action-packed thrill ride.

In the film, number 4 is falling in adore with Sarah Hart. Then, he finds his strength to fight against the enemies.

The romantic scene shows a resemblance to Twilight series, but with super-powered aliens not sparkling vampires



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