Laser Technology in the Healthcare Fields


Considering that it was invented in 1960, the laser has undergone rapid advances, becoming 1 of the most crucial tools utilized in the field of medicine right now. Here are 5 special techniques in which laser technology is becoming implemented in medicine.

The Laser Scalpel

Some surgical incisions that would be very harmful if completed with a conventional metal scalpel can be done a lot more precisely and safely with a laser scalpel. A laser beam cuts at the very same depth regularly, whereas a physician making use of a metal scalpel could potentially reduce too deeply. Also, laser scalpels automatically cauterize broken blood vessels as they reduce through tissue, eliminating excessive blood loss.

Cosmetic Lasers

Lasers are also utilized to get rid of birthmarks and port-wine stain skin blotches. Lasers have a monochromatic high quality, which means they shine in one specific color. Based on the color of the skin blotch, the laser can be set to that colour so that only the undesirable skin is affected by the laser beam.

Using Lasers to Take away Plaque from Arteries
Cleaning clogged arteries employed to need that surgeons access the heart by opening up the patient’s chest. The process is very risky and requires a long, painful recovery. But laser technologies has offered a significantly less painful and a lot significantly less invasive way of cleaning clogged arteries. A tiny optical fiber array containing a little laser can now be inserted into a patient’s vein by means of their arm or leg. The optical fiber travels to the artery where it pinpoints the plaque, at which point a precise laser beam is fired and the plaque is destroyed.


Going to the dentist for cavity fillings is by no means entertaining. But the process can be made much less painful with the use of Nd-YAG laser drills rather of the common metal ones. A laser drill can be set at a power level sturdy adequate to destroy decayed cavity tissue, but not sturdy adequate to harm healthful tooth enamel.

Low Level Laser Therapy

Low level laser therapy is the newest branch of medical laser technology and is just now receiving recognition from the scientific and healthcare communities. It is utilised right now to treat back and neck discomfort, tendinitis, ulcer wounds and sports injuries amongst other items.