Laser Missile Defense is Great But Inadequate For Missile and Rocket Swarms


Higher Energy Lasers in the battlespace are anything correct out of Star Wars and yet, now they are right here, as reality typically follows Science Fiction as history shows us. Higher energy lasers make wonderful defensive weaponry, and but, 1 has to ask is this technologies sufficient? My intuition says no, not in the present numbers and not in the present form. Let me please clarify, the logical side of this argument for you.

Apparently, we have verified that lasers can shoot down incoming missiles, and the laser only has to stay on the target for a short second or two. Nevertheless there comes a issue if the enemy shoots thousands of rockets, or missiles at you all at as soon as. Your laser missile defense technique won’t have time to remain on every single target for 2 seconds, plus the time it requires to switch targets after the initial target is destroyed, and so on.

Meanwhile you have thousands of rockets that are incoming, they aren’t stopping.

You see, the laser missile defense technique is a excellent thought, but it is hugely inadequate for missile and rocket swarms, which is the new paradigm in military strategy. Probably, you keep in mind the Blitzkrieg in World War II, or maybe you have studied Col. Boyd’s military method books. We are not the only a single that reads about this stuff, and so you should anticipate our enemies to try to use swarming strategies as they fire rockets or missiles at us.

It was recently noted by Israeli intelligence that Hamas has currently restocked 45,000 rockets ready to fire in Israel during the subsequent conflict. We know there will be a subsequent conflict simply because there have been so several conflicts in the previous. There are periods where there is peace for a couple of years, and then all of a sudden the fighting begins once more.

Israel ought to anticipate this and they ought to also comprehend that their higher-energy laser missile defense program may be inadequate if Hamas fires these rockets in brief time proximity of each other. I hope you will please think about all this.