Laser Hair Removal Equipment Technologies


Emerging Technologies in Skin Treatment

Newer technical innovations come to the marketplace all the time. Some never stand the test of time, but other folks do. The following three technologies show true promise and are crucial adequate for you to take into account as you appear for techniques to enhance the good quality or tightness of your skin.

Thermage and Titan skin therapy systems

Nonabrasive skin tightening, becoming used in each the Thermage and Titan skin treatment systems, is the newest technologies to be evolving in cosmetic surgery. The term nonabrasive means that the superficial layer of skin is left intact. These noninvasive techniques are purported to promote healthful skin by doing the following:

? Decreasing redness in some instances

? Decreasing pore size

? Decreasing laxity

? Enhancing skin tone

The presumption of this technologies is that the deeper tissues can be stimulated to create a lot more connective tissue with no injuring the a lot more superficial layers. Every of these systems provides uniform heating of the deep tissues, which causes contraction of the collagen layer even though guarding the superficial layer with intense cooling. The Thermage system makes use of a radio frequency, and the Titan program makes use of a laser to heat the dermis, which is believed to make the collagen contract on a permanent or semi permanent basis. The end result is tighter skin.

Laser Hair Removal

Thermage and Titan are great systems for tightening the skin, but what if you have unsightly or unattractive hair that you would want permanently removed, well that is exactly where laser hair removal might be able to support you out. There is fairly a bit of laser hair removal procedures  in Los Angeles and we spoke to 1 of the leading professionals in that field and he stated the hugest advantages in removal are:

? Saving income on archaic products and services such as razors, waxing, shaving cream, and so forth.,

? Virtually painless

? The all round lengthy term value saving

? Wonderful way to take away ingrown hairs