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Accelerated internationalization of right now, I can not help asking: “we are now
Entrepreneur Considering to cope with future challenges? “
My speech the theme of this innovation, we may think of science and technology innovation. In reality, we are not in the industrial process, manufacturing and revolutionary pondering? Such as electronic, capital intensification.

You feel that this is our future development? Think about a dilemma, particularly
Clothes Textile sector, market of Taiwan? How in the international
Competitors Subsequent come to the fore? You will say that low-cost, higher top quality.
Often heard some of the recent
Clothing The Lord said, Louis? Vuitton has much more than 100 years of history, we use now to compete with others, we can only survive in the cracks, by low cost labor.

Nevertheless, Lang Xianping said, according to this 5-year trend, the world’s brands are likely to be challenged.

SONY Technological innovation can be mentioned that the world’s prime 10, with 2004 spending, for example, its 62% for R &amp D expenditure, and is employed in the most basic research. Results published in 2003 outcomes, its shares in the NYSE declined 30% immediately. So why spend attention to scientific and technological innovation of enterprises falling “nearly bankrupt” circumstance, forcing himself had in 2004 when the restructuring, and a year later officially declared a failure?

Japanese trading firms and trading firms in Korea are not you in mind
Private enterprise , A purely private enterprise development in Asia has no such historical basis. Trading firms in Japan and South Korea’s trading organization, which no government background.

For instance, South Korea Mr. Jin Dazhong, in 1999, had ordered
LG To its Semiconductor Department to sell the modern day electronic. If it is not state-owned enterprises, the president How then can the power to order him? Japan is also a economic, not a lack of national science and technology, but it’s company, which includes me just say the SONY, also Nissan,

Mitsubishi Following 2000 all have trouble.
“Technological innovation” this aim is not to be challenged, the selection of path will figure out the success of our enterprise.

Of strategies: rigid thinking, fate decided
Lang In the forums, “White Strategy”: In the previous rigid thinking determines the fate of the future.

He said a really intriguing phenomenon. Nissan of Japan is almost bankrupt in 1999. This is the very first Japanese auto organizations into the U.S., following a number of years of operation, the last practically bankruptcy, restructuring of the Japanese it lastly failed. When Japanese folks know they can not re-own enterprise in 1999, Nissan hired a Frenchman Ghosn as CEO.

Ghosn took office the first point is to ask all the Nissan into a white paper from these days: Since you are incorrect about the past, if not wrong, will not fall these days, a point.

2005 5 28 , SONY maximum Leadership Who officially gave way, the location to a British. The British in September began its restructuring strategy.

You see Nissan, SONY, and even Mitsubishi, have adopted similar approaches. Japanese men and women think that money for their half of this semi-state consortia of private enterprises is not a problem, technology has always been one of their strengths.

That the issue appear? Is pondering backward, rigid.

Lately, Korean companies will come up. Lang said that Japan is finally replaced by Korean organizations. Chinese enterprises really “ahead of the wolf, the tiger right after the middle a group of tiny rodents.”